Whatever The LORD My GOD Decides is Right.

You are right in everything you decide, GOD! Always right.
LORD, there is no wrong in you; no error with you.
No mistakes. No hit-and-miss.
You are the Righteous Judge who does only that which is right.
You, my GOD, are the epitome of rightness by the standard.

Faithful PAPA, I thank you because everything you decide about me is correct.
I also thank you because you are the GOD who lives no stone unturned.
I thank you because you do not miss out on any detail.
I thank you because you are in charge.
I thank you because nothing happens without your awareness and endorsement.
I thank you because nothing can occur behind your back.
I thank you because you have the first and final say.
I thank you because humans cannot teach you what to do.
I thank you because you had planned my life even before it began.
Thank you because you will help us, your children, finish our assignments here on earth for your name’s sake and glory.
I thank you for helping me believe much stronger by casting out all fears through your amazing love shed abroad in my heart by your spirit.

I submit and surrender to all you have decided, LORD!
In Jesus’ name, I give thanks.


(Bible references: Revelation 16:5 EASY Translation, Roman 5:5)

People praying photo created by jcomp – www.freepik.com

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