”I Am Here to Say Thank You”

I thank you, Lord Jesus, for knowing exactly how I feel and where I am present.
I thank you for all that you went through for me to make me have all I have today; Salvation and a relationship with our heavenly PAPA.
Thank you for calling me sister, friend, bride, witness, daughter, child, son, and all the sweet names, including beloved.

I thank you, God, the Father, for your perfect plan of sending God the Son to take my place and that of every person on earth who will believe in this love redemption—and for the presence of God the Spirit.
I thank you for ensuring that I will not drift away from the truth but will carry it in my heart and cherish it forever as a treasure.

I thank you, my Lord and Maker, for your mindfulness of me.
I thank you for your gracious and helpful care for me and for visiting me and looking after me, especially when I do not feel it.

Once again, I am so thankful for your passionate patience; your love demonstrated in such intense patience. I have it all in you, Christ Jesus, which now includes my forwarding address this season; I am grateful for this forwarding address without delay.

I thank you for the move you have sponsored and the memo I am receiving of the paid invoice as evidence and location name in this present day. And I thank you for this flight called mercy that is taking me to the new assignment location for your glory and praise.


(Bible reference: 1 Thessalonians 5:18)

People praying photo created by jcomp – www.freepik.com

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    Amen in Jesus name

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