Obedience is the Devil’s Kryptonite

Kryptonite: Something that can seriously weaken or harm a particular person or thing.

Well, the first time I heard the word kryptonite was a long time ago as a child who watched the superman series. Though it was fictional, it made much sense back then. 

Decades down the line, I am having a conversation with my Twinny, and I heard PAPA say to me,

Obedience is the devil’s kryptonite.

It is beyond a feeling. It never grows old the indescribable experience I encounter when He speaks. Those words caught my attention instantly, and I stopped talking for a few seconds to capture what was said.  PAPA’s shared insight got me thinking and brewing through scriptures, and I saw how true that is, from Genesis to Revelation. 

Obedience makes the devil weak and powerless. From this viewpoint, I can indeed say that Obedience is a weapon. Living in Obedience or living a life of Obedience unto God makes the devil useless. It is why he doesn’t relent in his plot to make us disobey God from Genesis. 

In the country of disobedience, the devil is king, and we know the devil to be an enslaver (for those who didn’t know, now you do), and he doesn’t want his captives freed because he is a ruthless tyrant. 

Why won’t anyone want that one thing that makes the devil useless? Why would anyone want to empower the devil by their disobedience? If you find out one thing to take out a notorious murderer (not just of lives but of destines), would you look away and let such evil continue, or would you get into action immediately to see the end of that evil? 

God has called us into a life of Obedience not to punish us or tease us but to ensure that we enjoy our blood-bought victory over the devil and his cohorts. 

Guess what, He didn’t call us into a mission impossible journey, No. He is the one working out this Obedience in us. According to the scripture, God works in us both to will and to do of his good pleasure (Philippians 2:13). So regardless of the many lies the devil tells to say you can’t live an obedient life, it is not the truth. And he won’t stop telling such lies. 

It is left to decide if you will give your heart to the God who is the truth (can’t tell a lie because he doesn’t know how to) and has given you His word to work out this Obedience ‘in you’. Or, you give your ears to the devil who can never bring himself to tell one truth.  

What will it be?

Much love and light. *Wink

(References: Philippians 2:13, Dictionary Definitions from Oxford Languages)

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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  • Reply Joy July 4, 2022 at 3:22 pm

    Word! Thank you for sharing. It crossed my mind that Disobedience is the Believers’ Kryptonite, but for God’s mercy.

    • Reply DeeAmi July 4, 2022 at 10:12 pm

      You hit the bullseye with this comment. I couldn’t agree more.


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