A Call Out

If you are a leader, lend me a minute. Don’t you think it’s time to swallow your pride and get down that high horse?
There is not much time, so I suggest you get down this minute because you are only a few moments away from tripping bad and breaking what’s left of your back. A broken back will leave you crippled and useless and get you off the journey. And I don’t think you want that.

Clock out of all your self-imposed tight activities and programs. Humble yourself. Find your way back to Jesus’ feet and clock in with him. Apologise for your philandering (fooling around). Respectfully ask Jesus to show you “the way” again. Tell him to remind you how his church should look (not what you have painted and made it all along for selfish agendas.) Your time is running out.

There is a call today. Please do not ignore it because this might be the very last

Call out to those who gather people together in the name of the LORD. And the assemblers look nothing like Christ and what He paid for them to be.

Call out to those who haven’t said hello to Jesus in a long time but dare speak on his behalf.

Call out to those who care nothing about Jesus but hide behind his famous name to deceive the people.

Call out to those who have entirely removed Christ from the scenes.

Call out to those who have refused adamantly to lift Jesus high because they want men to come and celebrate them.

Call out to those who have become the Holy Spirit (how dare you?) Have you suddenly become the Spirit of Truth?

Call out to those who have become spiritual bullies.

Call out to those who have become the peoples’ fathers and deprive them of the proper relationship they should have with our actual “Father” in heaven.

Call out to the crowd-pleasers who have forgotten why Jesus died in the first place.

Call out to those feeding the people wrong doctrines.

Call out to those who have made themselves saviours, forgetting that they didn’t die for anyone.CHRIST JESUS” did.

Call out to those who have made money god for which they have exchanged their eternal treasures.

Call out to those who have taken people back to darkness with their experiential, well-cooked, garnished half-truth, not regarding the sacrifice made on the cross for them.

Call out to those who have abused grace and truth.

Call out to those afraid to preach salvation because people will pull out and go to the happening places.

Call out to those who have lost their identities along the line but refuse to acknowledge this and pretend that they still have it under control.

Call out to those who do not want Jesus to return because they don’t want this deception of enjoyment sold to them to end.

Call out to those who are not preparing their homes, fellowship centres and units for the return of our Lord.

Call out to those who have successfully brainwashed the people to believe that their destinies are in their own hands and have nothing to do with God, the Maker who calls the shot.

The above list is massively increasing by the minute.

It is time to turn back. No more loosely hour left to continue in this foolishness. Stop now in your tracks so that the gaps you have widened between the people and their God can stop getting bigger and bigger, keeping the people farther away.

Time is running out. Repent! For the Kingdom of God is at hand.

Much love and light. *Wink.

(Bible references: Matthew 3:2, 2 Chronicles 7:14, Jeremiah 1:4-8, Matthew 7:23)

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