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Hey everyone, what’s up? This is going to be simple and brief. So let’s kick this off.

Just because I don’t understand a thing or a soul, doesn’t create that thing or person a problem, but a ‘’beautiful mystery awaiting exploration’’.

The more I choose to explore, the more I open my mind. Each time I take this path, ‘’every narrow-mindedness gives way to the rich, deep and mature nature of openness and all the beauty that comes through journeying along that path.’’

I embrace the mysterious and not frown at the possibility of all that it can be. “’The Explorer’ has not the brain that is readily defensive — picking up everything and everyone as a problem to be attacked and fought vigorously. That’s because the human activity of exploring comes with the open mindedness of that individual and not defensiveness.

I have experienced a large deal of people in these three decades of my sustenance on earth and I’ve received the privilege of taking heed to many (all thanks to God and the beautiful responsibility that comes with being a therapist) I see that most times, context; one’s perspective aren’t always going to be a one way affair. There is no one-way of looking at a matter ‘’we are not Zombies or Machines programed to a one-line thinking cord.’’ So, imagine my surprise, when I see people attack what they don’t understand. Really, I can’t get to wrap my head around such hostile reactions.

Naturally, humans are graced to learn daily if and when the decision to tolerate the procedure is taken. My question is, shouldn’t you take out time to explore something new, fresh or different? I can hear you saying. No. No, Dee, exploring isn’t for everyone. That’s ok. Here is my take though, ‘’if you can’t afford the time to explore, walk away. Do not start attacking. Do not cut the head off. Do not name names. Do not live in fear of nothing. You. Just. Walk. Away.’’  Or pause to engage in this new mystery that is before you. Certainly, the final choice is always yours. *Wink








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  • Reply Joy May 22, 2018 at 8:41 pm

    Good read… Rings true too.
    We tend to learn more when we choose to open our minds to other possibilities instead of defending that which we’ve known all our lives.
    Openness doesn’t mean you have abandoned what you know to accept something entirely new. It just means that you have decided to be willing to look at and understand something different from your usual

    • Reply DeeAmi May 22, 2018 at 11:10 pm

      I couldn’t agree more
      Thanks for reading, Joy.

  • Reply Shabach May 23, 2018 at 10:16 am

    Do not name names. Can be hard not to. Most times I would have called out the person in a discussion before realising. God help me!

    • Reply DeeAmi May 23, 2018 at 10:59 am

      Hey, Shabach.
      Don’t we all need God’s help (smile)?
      The good news is ‘hard is not impossible’ (smile) so there’s hope.
      With a conscious effort, and time space, calling a person out would become a matter of yesteryear.
      Only we must deliberately decide daily.
      God help us all. Thanks for reading.


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