*Amor- Soldado (L-Soldier)*

A few days ago, I was all by myself, getting the laundry done, (location: my bathroom) and it dawned on me, it really dawned on me this time.  Really. ‘’People only get involved and are interested when it benefits them, exclusively, and not others necessarily’’. I guess the response would be, ‘it simply the selfish nature of man at work.’

But then, the word of God says, forget yourselves long enough to lend a helping hand (Philippians 2: 4b). So why are we not doing just that?

This rang in my head throughout the day. ‘’Soon enough (very sadly), if not already, we shall begin to have justifiable reasons to choose ‘mean’ over sweet’’. Selfishness over selflessness. Me over us (this is already rampant) it’s no new news, even in the best of families. Shall we talk about friendships and relationships? Among co-workers, groups and so on.

Then this came… For the love of many will wax cold (Matthew 24; 12). Hmm, aren’t we already at that place, experiencing some level of coldness, and you just wonder why so much of it as the days go by?

Well, here is what I have decided.  To guard my heart daily (I suggest you do the same). Warm it up with GOD’s Love and His Words. I am determined to be the only ‘LOVE- SOLDIER’ left, because God says I can by giving me the perfect example, my only example, the only example there is for me, Jesus. For this, I remain firm till the very final stage. I won’t shake or break. I can’t afford to be tired now.

Just so you know, (if someday you choose to join in… and you can, like right this minute) based on my experience thus far I can tell you for no fee at all; this isn’t going to be a jolly smooth ride but certainly a worthwhile journey for this is a worthy cause: LOVE.

I find solace in these truths. Love strengthens, doesn’t tire out. Love is tough and strong not weak, so love it is, for me.

L-Soldier signing out. Smiles. *Wink.

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  • Reply Ofe March 13, 2017 at 11:37 pm

    You know, was reading 2peter 1:5,
    Literally, it says make conscious effort to supplement your faith; Add to your faith virtue and to virtue knowledge and it goes on then the last on the list is charity which 1 COR. 13 calls LOVE.
    Was mediating on it, you start out in faith without it, it impossible to please God and afterwards work on your faith sealed in LOVE.

  • Reply DeeAmi March 15, 2017 at 6:04 pm

    Faith MUST be expressed in Love. ALWAYS.
    Thanks for reading, OFE.

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