I haven’t recovered from this contemplation, yet, and I hope never to recover☺. It’s always like that with me, especially with God’s Word. And the most beautiful part is, when I am able to share with you all. I hope you enjoy the read, and properly digest this well put together thought inspired by The Holy Spirit. Kisses ?


In the story of freedom, God is always the subject; humans, always the object, if we’re to live free, it will be because of God’s actions, not because of our own will or disposition or politics or intelligence. Three paradigmatic instances in Paul’s opening lines show God to be the subject and humans to be the object: (1) Paul is made an apostle BY GOD; (2) Jesus is raised from the dead BY GOD; and (3) WE ARE RESCUED FROM THE PRESENT EVIL AGE BY GOD. Something is DONE TO US OR FOR US before we DO ANYTHING. WE ARE ACTED ON BEFORE WE ACT. Life isn’t naturally produced by us; it’s supernaturally PROVIDED for us.


Arabia was a place of solitary retreat for Paul—and it is for us as well. Arabia is a time to SINK ourselves into NEWFOUND TRUTHS, without any kibitzing from friends or family or critics. A few hours set aside in a quiet room can be Arabia. An hour of worship each Sunday can be Arabia. Seizing times of solitude, we can explore the meaning of God’s love for us, develop the ramifications of God’s forgiveness of us, deepen the sense of God’s acceptance of us. Out of such days and hours new energies flow, and the SKILLS OF FREEDOM are worked into our daily routine .

Paul was in NO HURRY to get back to WORK. He didn’t have to be in a hurry, for he knew that God was at work.  GOD didn’t need him; he NEEDED GOD. Arabia was Paul’s place and time for the leisurely, contemplative training in this new way of  life in which GOD was at the Center, in which Paul himself was ACCCEPTED, and in which he could travel light.


~Eugene Petersons’ contemplation (Galatians1)


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