*Hate Card*

No matter how badly hurt you’re right now (or been in the past). No matter the depth of the wound; the bad mouthing, backstabbing, treachery. No matter the consistently-consistent-bitter-competition from people you aren’t competing with or close to. No matter the outrageous conspiring of the conniving lots against you.  No matter the many years of constant heartache endured from those closest, especially. No matter the age of constant emotional, intellectual, spiritual, mental, psychological abuse or blackmail. Etc. PLEASE, do not play the hate game. Do not pluck up the hate card. I truly do not know who this piece is for (So let’s accept this to be my New Year message ? ?), but believe me when I say the hate road will hurt you more than the worst ill treatment you’ve ever and will ever know.


Go on ahead, shout down my name as you sway your brain right at once (boiling up), saying, ‘Dee, be human. I am only human, and if you are human enough, you won’t write this.’’ Dee, you don’t expect me to sit through this and do nothing about it. A little retaliation won’t bite. Payback does have a way of giving an individual closure. It may soothe the pain a bit, if not entirely. Don’t you think that could help? You are also asking right at present, why do good people get hurt the most? What did I ever do to be exploited, to be treated unjustly? Do I deserve such meanness?


To your questions, Well, I am not requiring you to do naught around it. You certainly can manage something. As a matter of truthful fact, you should do something. You can do something by accepting what you can and not change who you are in the bid to retaliate. Revenge isn’t sweet (especially for you), no matter how you prefer to serve it; hot, frigid, or lukewarm. Try thinking of it this way. You are enough just the way you are (This most certainly is the reason that bully is on your case.) Sometimes, you are or were the root cause of the ill-treatment without even knowing it; so are you willing to hurt yourself to feel any better? Other times, the jealousy, envy, low self-esteem; all them, and not you. It’s the best reaction they could afford at the time, sadly enough. And when (hopefully) they are able to face their inner demons, you may possibly get an apology and a willingness to mend fences (that’s for the very few lots who are not prideful), but if you don’t, life continues.

PS: Brace up for ‘life continues’, because most times, they never arrive back to apologize.

Good people aren’t the worlds’ / societies’ most favorite, these days. To some, good is the new boring. Good is not smart. Good is everything but helpful. Good isn’t enviable anymore. So again, it’s got nothing to do with you. Good simply stop being the people’s favorite. Not certain when or how it got this bad, but it’s grown worse (hoping it won’t become worse). Understand this, and simply make ‘’the against all odds choice, to stay good, even if you are never acknowledged or celebrated.’’ That’s the best you can do until good conquers bad.  Oh, I also found out, that you need not do anything amiss to be treated badly, unjustly or unfairly. Some folks aren’t just happy that you are breathing, strong, focused, sweet, loving, kind, whole, cool, special, happy. They simply can’t come to terms with your reality. They don’t realize you are also experiencing; the not too pleasant days, pain, discomfort, challenges. Etc. So they try to make one for you (funny huh). On a second thought (hmmm), I guess some do, but, ignore the possibility because of how perfect your life seems to them (based on their 9D picture of you)


Recently, I came across a South Korean series titled, Doctor’s crush (My first @SK.S. I love medical, psychological, and law related series. And once its hands on practice and little info about characters’ personal lives… I am in. Lately Hollywood has ‘failed’ my eyes (too much junk and less reality), hence I am trying out other continents. Wink). In an episode, I scan a line (translated), which gave me so much comfort (a consoling soothing pat on my back). This made me affirm more and settle within myself that I was not, and still am not foolish, dim, crazy, weak, and stupid;  for all the years I shunned any form of revenge and forgave in love instead, at my pace (either from a distance or at close reach). Dr Jung said, ‘’I AM SO GLAD THAT I DECIDED NOT TO HATE SEO WOO FOR ALL THESE YEARS’’. Powerful words, huh?  Each word struck a chord (Seo Woo not inclusive. ?).  Dr, Jung won eventually; without even trying to, simply because she refused to play the hate card. The journey will be tough, rough, unpleasantly hard, creating extremely difficult situations. You can get through it all.  And strong too loving all the way; your own way.


So, in this New Year, starting today. I ask that you brace up. Choose good regardless. Choose sweet, but stay firm. Choose love over hate. Choose forgiveness over un-forgiveness.  Set boundaries straight in love. Walk past that hate card staring intensely at you this minute; you don’t have the time or space for it. There are bigger fishes to fry. Embark on this year as a love ambassador (the world is short of it), as you shun hate intentionally.

Hey, you will be served one, two or three pots of hate one way or another this year (it sucks just thinking about it, but I’d to mention right away so you prepare your mind), it’s best to prepare. When this happens, here is what I propose you do; smile, and serve love right back.


Love hard and often. Pray hard. Dance hard. Dare different. Smile, because you can. *Wink.


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  • Reply UmoruProdigy January 1, 2017 at 9:36 pm

    The decision to smile, the prevailing circumstances not withstanding, is something everyone needs to draw strength from God for .

    • Reply DeeAmi January 3, 2017 at 12:41 pm

      As much as I agree with your comment, this is my personal experience… “Even if God grants you all the strength you need; it still won’t amount to much if you decide not to tap into it. It’s a matter of deliberate choice.”
      So by all means, draw strength from God (no other way to pull through and come out strong). This much I’ve learned, it’s always an intentional choice to smile ? or not to smile ?.
      Thanks for reading, Umoroprodigy.

  • Reply ofe January 3, 2017 at 8:26 pm

    I’ve come to live with giving love back and doing good, and it does make me feel good not on the instant, but, as I think about my action, I feel good. And not allowing the wrong of others change me and disrupt me makes me SMILE regardless……

    • Reply DeeAmi January 4, 2017 at 12:39 am

      I am very glad for you, Ofe. I love your reality.
      Thanks for reading.

  • Reply Shabach October 6, 2017 at 8:06 am

    “Some folks aren’t just happy that you are breathing, strong, focused, sweet, loving, kind, whole, cool, special, happy. They simply can’t come to terms with your reality. ”

    I agree totally with this. People will even say things like, “you think you are perfect”, for being these things not realising you are trying to work your life out to be better at those things through being more deliberate and consistent in them. They introduce their complex to you because they are lazy to be a work-in-progress towards being good.

    Again Dee. Nice read. Thanks because it helps me to be better.

  • Reply DeeAmi October 7, 2017 at 10:56 am

    I am very glad and humbled @Thanks
    Real point and very true @they introduce their complex to you because they are lazy to be work-in-progress….
    Laziness is disease personified.
    Thanks for reading.

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