*We Can’t Turn Away. Then, Expect…*

11/8/2016|11: 38pm



YS: Unexplained phenomena happened in Israel today. A circle formed in the sky and there was noise like trumpets sounds. Very real.


AMI: Soon is now


YS: Praying for the best president God wants for this country, I don’t want abortion to be a law Hillary says you can abort at 9 months and will enforce the Co Ed bathrooms and the chip that will be inserted in our skins Donald Trump is taking illegal immigrants back to the country and he has bad qualities as a womanizer no ones perfect that’s why the choices are two evils God will give us the best


AMI: Hmmm mm. Every time man chooses a leader, they always choose wrong


YS: Only God. We just prayed now


AMI: I am not sure God would pick any of them. But who am I to say anything.


YS: It’s so scary. Once the chip becomes law I leave this country. That’s 666.

True. God’s will be done.


AMI: The people will vote and God won’t stop that.


YS: Yeah.


AMI: And these people voting, are not even voting for God’s Son Christ Jesus. They are doing all their best to get rid of God.  So why pray to Him now for a good leader?


YS: Hmmm, deep


AMI: We cannot mock God, Yvonne.


YS:  You right.


AMI: We so can’t.  God your kingdom come and your will be done on earth, in your mercy.


YS: That’s true if one has never called on him but now want to call on him when u in trouble that’s mocking.


AMI: Mercy, Lord.


YS: Amen.



11/9/2016| 5:57am


YS: People are crying oh my God. On CNN


AMI: Why are they crying?


AMI: Everyone calling on God. Who are the people?


YS: And talking about characters. The election. Electorates on TV. It’s live news


AMI:  It is well


YS: It’s midnight Americans are awake awaiting the result


AMI: Everyone should ask for mercy. Not just cry


YS: My dear



AMI: If we understand the Bible, this is only but the beginning. Everyone must come back to the True North.


YS: Hmmm


AMI: Jesus is the only safe haven.


YS: A friend of mine is blaming Christians I didn’t want to argue. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.


AMI: For his own good, he or she should stop the blame game and return to God. We can’t turn our hearts away from God and at the same time, think He’s got us 24/7.


YS: It’s a female, yeah she said it’s the Christians fault because they don’t believe in abortion or homosexuality. My dear I hate conflict all I can say is it is well.


AMI: Yes, we don’t. And we will never. Is that something to believe in?


YS: Amen.


AMI: Is abortion and homosexuality a belief now? What’s the greater purpose to that?


YS: It isn’t. She said Christians are blinded voting for a man who cheats. He’s a good leader with a bad character


AMI: Are we going to ignore God’s word to please the world?


YS: Hillary is going to enforce Abortion and she likes Hillary. That’s why. I didn’t try to argue with her.


AMI: That’s her business not mine. Hillary is not God. No earthly president or king is God.


YS: She’s a Christian why blaming another Christian. They want America  to make history that’s why.



AMI: I just sadly feel for these lots. When the truth dawns on all, I hope then it isn’t too late.                   The devil is really fighting Men. To make earthly history and become God’s enemies,                       right? I shake my head


YS: True?. Was shocked because she’s a Christian too.


AMI: I’ll rather make no history than become God’s enemy. Jesus Christ made all the History and I am content with Him.


YS: Hmm, you are very right. I think I’d put that on my wall. You really make sense. People are           not thinking right.


AMI: Being a Christian  doesn’t make you a kingdom citizen. We have a kingdom culture, which             stands against all that the world stands for. So if there be someone claiming Christianity               and understand not our culture. Tell me, what sort of a Christian is that?

Ask the fellow to read Romans 1. Sadly enough, that’s America’s reality today. They know              the right thing, but have decided to deliberately go against God.


YS: Indeed Not everyone who says Lord, Lord will make it.


AMI: I don’t see where any homosexual asked for mercy in the Bible. But those who committed              adultery did ask. No sin is good. But there are sins and there are sins. What happened                    when men slept with men, and men slept with angels. Flood consumed them all because it            was appalling to God, in Noah’s days.


YS: Yeah.


AMI: Yes, He then said, no more will He flood the earth but does that mean that  He is now soft on sin? Oh no. So I care less what Christians and non Christians say in these times, the Word of God remains my only truth. No deliberation.


YS: True talk. Jesus remains the King of Kings.


AMI: I should be putting my energies towards winning souls for my PAPA, not entertain people who have already made up their minds to  God’s enemies.




AMI: Let’s keep on asking for mercy as we continually stand our ground. It’s time to stand for Jesus! He is more than worth all our stands. He paid the price already, sacrificially too. It’s sad. It is well


YS: Amen yeah, it is all we can do is handle everything with wisdom.


AMI: I’ll never forget this, while we were yet sinners, He died for us.


YS: I didn’t judge her, will  pray she realizes the truth.


AMI: What a love?


YS: Yeah God is love.


AMI: Amen to realizing the truth. Amen and amen. Mercy, Lord! PAPA have mercy.


YS: Amen ?.


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