Yes. That’s why it is stated in the Bible… ‘In all things give thanks, for it is THE WILL OF GOD for those who are in Christ Jesus’.


This is my personal and wholehearted belief. ‘When you constantly give thanks, you are in His will, doing His will.’ And right there, He’ll speak to your ever grateful, joyfully happy, and thankful heart. Thus, no matter what we are going through, no matter the place, no matter the odds that seemingly stands in the room, no matter the suffering and pain. We must strive to return thanks. He speaks…, to a thankful heart, Y’all. He really, really does.


I am forever and always grateful for how Byron Cage put it. I ordinarily don’t have one favorite thing. Let’s pick color, for instance. I have six colors as my favorite not favorites; all half dozen is my number one (welcome to my world… smiles). But I think, for the first time I’ve read in an exception. The lines I am about to share with you have become my one-favorite. I first heard the song in 2014; 12th of May to be exact, I didn’t know it would become my one-favorite.  But every time I’ve heard it since then, especially in the past months, it speaks out the truth about my daily journey. This is the same song I shared with the house, the first day Dee Ami’s House opened 1st of June, 2016. It is one composition so dear to my heart. It’s way more than just a song to me. Yes, the road hasn’t been smooth, but He’s been faithful. This makes me think of what my PAPA said to me early 2014. He said, ‘your faith is full because I AM Faithful’. Every time I sing out each line from the song ‘gratitude’, what PAPA said to me, makes one more deep sense, deeper than the last. Really, how can my faith experience fullness, if He isn’t the faithful God that He is?


So today, I don’t care what I am faced with, or what isn’t going right. I am here PAPA, to press out my heart to you (Publicly), as I share my one-favorite with the house. I would’ve done a voice message, but let’s keep that between us. Smiles. Ok, here we go.

‘’How can I express to you the gratitude for all that you do? What can I give back to you for unfailing love, mercy and grace too. Mere words can never be enough to articulate how much I thank you. Although sometimes the goings are rough but I made it. Lord my God when I reflect on life and just how far I’ve come. You’ve sustained my path, kept me through it all, even when I felt like I would fall. Through life and strength, health and wealth, and the never-changing way that you love me. Although sometimes I know I felt alone in life but you secured me. I’m confident and know that you are God who will perform what you said. And every time I speak by faith I still receive your promises, and the blessings Lord, great things you have in store, for the ones who will obey and trust you more.’’

PAPA, we both know I could be stubborn, but still you just have your way of dealing with me and breaking my stubborn wings, constantly letting me know, who the Father and God is, and who I am; the child. Thus again, this right here is for you.

‘’For all the times I’ve fallen short yet you never cease to show me mercy. And when I thought all was lost, You remind me of your love at Calvary. You saved me just in times when I wasn’t sure that I would even make it. It’s because of you I am standing here to say…. If it were not for your loving hands that helped me find my way, I would be so lost and drifted like a ship, a ship without a sail. Thank you for not giving up even in the times I know I failed you. Thank you Lord, for showing up when I cried and cried and didn’t know what to do. I am stronger than I was before because my faith and trust is in my Savior, so I would praise all the more and say….. THANK YOU LORD!!! For everything that you have done in my life, for your goodness and your mercy…. THANK YOU JESUS!!!’’


Give Thanks, ALREADY! I say YADAH!!! Wink.

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