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EP: …Risk to me is a faith-based Christians’ way of saying, ‘I dare you, on God’s command.’Faith should NEVER be exercised without getting the ‘go-ahead’ from God.

Faith cometh by ‘what’? And ‘what’? By ‘what again’? There you have it.




EP: The Bible says, ‘faith worketh by love’; love (agape) as we all know it, is not to be faked or rushed.

It relishes and enjoys the gradual approach, which tells of having fellowship with our Creator Daddy.

So, having faith hinged on this love, is to engage a steady walk with our Creator Daddy. The risk becomes calculated and deliberate.

And, oh please, faith is not a magic wand. Faith is not in mere confessions; faith is a profession; you profess it: a lot comes with faith than just confessing it.

I think vision is enough of a map… everything does not have to be detail –level clear from the start.

The map, to me, is vision; the DETAILS of the map, are discovered, in the place of fellowship. Having settled all of these first, one’s faith is validated and ready to be released via confessions, acts of faith, steps of faith, walks of faith, good fight of faith, etc.

Faith is not necessarily Illogical; the place of faith being seen as illogical is when your mind is big enough to conceive it, but someone else’s mind might not, which then registers your faith as being illogical, un-achievable, or unrealistic. Faith can be expressed with your sense of logic and reasoning intact, but also, with your belief in our-all things Creator Daddy. Faith is wonderful.

Faith is fun…, is fun. I dare say it is. ‘Tyler Perry, Black Preacher Mode on’. Smiles.

I say yes!!! That’s how God rolls…. and that’s how we roll.

Faith ‘does not’ erase the place of logic and reasoning; God created faith, logic and reasoning. He cannot contradict Himself.

As a soldier, are you told everything by your superior? So it is with our Daddy. Do what’s in front of you first; then wait for HIS command. Never make a move without HIS command.

Listen for HIS charge, then move all out, resting on belief, in the assurance and firmness of HIS voice.


ARI: Your spirit (my spirit)

The Peace

The conviction.


EP: 10/10. That’s it!!!

Oh, Dee!!! That’s it. These three!!! Nothing as sweet as someone seeing what I am seeing.


ARI: Smiles.



Do you agree with all EP noted? Something to add or take off? What is faith to you?


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  • Reply B.B October 18, 2016 at 12:11 am

    I especially love this statement of truth: ‘Faith is not in mere confessions; faith is a profession’. It says it all for me. And I love the title ‘PISTIS’, Greek for faith right? It sounds to me like to title of a Grecian movie set in the 90’s……lol just me

    • Reply DeeAmi October 18, 2016 at 1:57 am

      ?It the Hebrew word for Faith. That deeply makes sense @faith being a profession. So its no longer about feelings but maturity, and the call to duty; willful, not forceful. Faith is truly wonderful and mind blowing, I tell ya. Thanks for loving ? the title and for reading.


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