I for one comfortably say, ‘I am occupied’ (default response). Personally, I don’t make use of the word busy. It is a question; if ever you catch me using the B word (a question I almost never ask). Years of self-observation.  I hold out the occupied life on a daily. Smiles.


Often time, if not almost on a daily; I pick up a bunch of people say, ‘I am real busy’, ‘ I’ve been real busy’, ‘things have been real busy’, ‘we’ve been so busy, we don’t even have spare time for ourselves’. The list is seemingly endless. As many times as I hear people say it or record it via chat as a response, it sounds strange to me still.

Scarcely, do I get to hear folks say, ‘I am occupied’, I’ve been really occupied’, or ‘we’ve been pretty occupied of late’. Etc.


According to an online dictionary. As an adjective, the difference between busy and occupied is that busy is crowded with business or activities; having a great deal going on while occupied is reserved, engaged.

They are interchangeable at all times. Ah, no, a position can be occupied, but not busy. But anyone who is busy is fully occupied. A place can be occupied, but not busy, but a person cannot be busy but not occupied. (Imagine the smile on my facial expression when I read this)


I believe, being occupied strikes a better balance than being busy, since it’s not crowded. (My opinion)


Below are some simple, inquisitive questions.

Are you busy, occupied, or the blend of both? Which do you lean towards, and how has it affected your all round (physical, emotional, social, spiritual, mental, intellectual, occupational, psychological) wellness? Which do you catch yourself utter the most on a daily?

I think, I have an idea of what answers I’ll be receiving, if any. Feel free to prove me incorrect in the comments. Smiles

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  • Reply Raza September 18, 2016 at 12:35 pm

    Nice. Haven’t really thought of it like that but with this analogy, I can confidently say busy is commonly used even when occupied seemed more appropriate.

    • Reply DeeAmi September 18, 2016 at 1:28 pm

      It’s good to know this analogy makes sense to you, Raza.
      I guess people just think occupied isn’t as attractive as busy is. Like, if I say “am busy”, People take me seriously than saying I am occupied. Or maybe they just feel comfortable with the B word. Others, use it figuratively because it’s sounds good. Some others (a lot are in this category) stick with the B word because that’s the picture of their daily living; crowded activities. . .That’s the word @world they know. The B word becomes the comfort zone.

      I think it involves self-evaluation to understand the difference between each and decide which is healthy, moving forward. For me, it’s way more than just an appropriate word @being occupied. But I can accept it. Smiles.
      Thanks for reading. And for thanking me, thank you.


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