“The Problem With The World is Religion?”

28 June, 2016 | 9:06am


DRV: Good morning dear.
Happy Sunday

Ari: Thank you.
My name is quite alright.
Dear? Nay. Happy Sunday!
Sure you are doing great this morning?
I missed your call yesterday.
Thanks for calling though.

DRV: You are welcome.
I understand.
Noted (your name) Sounds
more romantic than dear ??

Ari: it’s my name.
So, romantic or not… It’s acceptable. Smile.

Quote For The Day

DRV: Interesting subject!!
Resisting temptation.

Ari: It is. All kinds/types — not just the sexually related ones.
People have lost the reading charm, these days. They are so troubled about things that don’t matter. So engrossed with things… Soon to pass away.
So I am grateful for quotes @putting a whole matter into just few lines, to capture the whole, enough to get the mind’s attention — for a quick pause to think and reevaluate.

DRV: Money is now the anthem. Can it change?

Ari: Can what change? Money as the new anthem?

DRV: Reading

Ari: Change starts with a willingly readiness @state of mind. And it’s per individual.
If the said individual decides to see reading as work (boring work) it’s hard to break that formation.
There must be a switch … Before we can see the light to any kinda possibility. So yes it’s possible @change.
But it can’t be forced.
A lot of people are sincerely ignorant. A very bad/dangerous state to be in

DRV: We both know reading is boring ??

Ari: We both don’t know… Because I don’t agree
Boring cannot be found in my dictionary. its boring because you call it boring.
If you call it fun, few seconds later, it becomes fun.
These words are lifeless and they mean nothing until we give life to them.

DRV: You are an inspirational writer. Nice charisma. You speak from a pastors perspective!!! @ These words are lifeless and they mean nothing until we give life to them. Its charming ???

Ari: That’s not just for pastors.
Truth is, I am not one and I don’t envy them, and… I don’t intend becoming one. Lol.
In life generally, words mean nothing.
You (the one with life) determine what they should mean. Thank God for the power He gave humans. He stated it in the Bible. What you loose here is loosed in Heaven. What you bind here is bind in Heaven. See? Our creator made us that way. And when we choose to live His way. Life becomes pretty simple. No complications

DRV: The problem with the world is religion

Ok. I don’t agree. The problem is the individual
What is religion if humans don’t uphold it. I don’t do religion.
I do Christ Jesus. He came to show, and give me love. The Love (God) that transcends humanity. He didn’t come or die for religion. In fact, He dealt with the religious lot when He was on earth before He ascended. So I do Christ and Christ alone. Anything outside that is not for me (religion inclusive)

In life… Simply choose your focus… All other things become secondary.
Mind your business long enough to understand the world around before you launch your idea.
Enjoy God’s grace
Love like your life depends on it—because it does. And then, you’ll see religion for what it is, Plus, what it shouldn’t be.

Know your truth and stand in, with, for, and by it

All I need as far as my spirituality goes… Is God’s Word
Thank God for love that brought Grace my way — Salvation

DRV: Hmmm

Ari: And I need not be a pastor to enjoy the Bible. Whew

DRV: God’s word. You’re making me to start believing again.

Ari: Oh, really? Interesting.

DRV: The way I see it is…
There is always a mindset
Good or bad

Ari: Noted.

DRV: Accepting to change depends on the role of your mentor, Christ.

Ari: Point. Sorry @typos
According to your earlier statement @The problem with the world is religion. How so?

DRV: In church now, chat later.

Ari: enjoy service.

DRV: service ends by 12.
Go nowhere.

Ari: Enjoy.

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