This is truly one beautiful and powerful real life event kept for us in history as a story of great importance and lesson. Every time I study these chapters, I am so pumped in my spirit.
I hope Eugene Peterson’s introduction whets your appetite enough to want to partake and digest.??

It seems odd that the awareness of God, or even of the people of God, brings out the worst in some people. God, the source of all goodness and blessing and joy, at times becomes the occasion for nearly unimaginable acts of cruelty, atrocity, and evil.

There is a long history of killing men and women simply because they are perceived as reminders of representatives of the living God, as if killing people who worship God gets rid of God’s hmself. We’ve recently completed a century marked by an extraordinary frenzy of such “god” killings. To no one’s surprise, God is still alive and present.

The book of Esther opens a window on this world of violence directed, whether openly or covertly, against God and God’s people. The perspective it provides transcends the occasion that provoked it, a nasty scheme to massacre all the exiled Jews who lived in the vast expanse of fifth-century BC Persia. Three characters shape the plot. Mordecai, identified simply as “the Jew,” anchors the story. He is solid, faithful, sane, godly. His goodness is more than matched by the evil and arrogant vanity of Haman, who mastersminds the planned massacre. Mordecai’s young, orphaned, and ravishing cousin, Esther, whom he has raised, emerges from the shadows of the royal harem to take on the title role.

It turns out that no God-representing men and women get killed in the story — in a dramatic turnaround, the plot fails. But millions before and after Esther have been and, no doubt, will continue to be killed. There is hardly a culture or century that doesn’t eventually find a Haman determined to rid the world of evidence and reminders of God. Meanwhile, ESTHER CONTINUES TO SPEAK THE FINAL AND DEFINITIVE WORD: YOU CAN’T ELIMINATE GOD’S PEOPLE. NO MATTER HOW MANY OF THEM YOU KILL, YOU CAN’T GET RID OF THE COMMUNITIES OF GOD-HONORING, GOD-SERVING, GOD-WORSHIPING PEOPLE SCATTERED ALL OVER THE EARTH. This is still the final and definitive word.
~ Eugene Peterson’s Introductory contemplation (Esther chapter 1-10)


Amen Jesus! Glory Hallelujah!! Glory be to God in the highest!!! His people cannot be whipped off the face of the globe, no matter how hard the kingdom of darkness tries: no matter the war waged on a daily. We are more than conquerors in CHRIST JESUS!

Be encouraged brothers and sisters, we are on the winning side. He paid the full asking price! His word states, if we stick with Him till the end; we will not be sorry but saved!
So rejoice and be exceedingly glad. Our-Great-and-most Powerful-GOD-is-Mighty-on-our behalf. He’s got our backs my people, watching over us day and night. He is our bodyguard, shielding every bone: not even a finger gets broken.
So Raise The Ceiling To The Heavens and Celebrate!!!??????

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