~To The Lazy Woman~

Like some fairy tale princess you have remained locked up in your own castle, laying Idle while the whole world passes you by. You keep hoping and occasionally peering out of the window of your self-made prison in search of your fantasy Knight-in-shiny-Armor to come and rescue you to a better life. But how Oh Slothful Daughter of Eve? How can an honest Prince find you? …..For they are in search of Queens and not idle princesses, Women of Virtue and Diligence and not Vain valley Lilies whose beauty wilts at the slightest harsh weather.
I ask again how can the men of Valor cast their gaze on you when in you, there isn’t the slightest semblance of Royalty? …..For there is a certain Grace that is found in the Daughters of Zion who arise at first light to work with their hands, whose minds are never idle, who stand as Emotional and spiritual pillars in their homes and community. This grace is not found in lethargic steps of a lazy self-absorbed lady nor are the present in the Idle gossip of a Vision-less woman.

Take a look at Dorcas of old in the scriptures. For the works of her hands and the love in her heart shone so brightly that a community cried out against death and the Lord sent his Servant and brought her back to the land of the living. All these because she made her mark as a pillar of love and compassion toiling night and day for the needy.
Take a cue from Deborah, whom the lord used as His oracle at a time when Israel needed judges. God used her, but he wouldn’t have found her if she wasn’t at her place of service.
Or Shall we talk of Esther, who could have just hid in her perfect little tower and watch her people be destroyed? After-all, she was queen. But no, She took the risk, she didn’t remain Idle and God favored her.

Oh slothful daughter of Eve, when shall you realize who you are and take up your role as a mother of nations, a corner stone in the house-hold of Faith, A Priestess for her people and not just an easel for makeup colors? For the true Art isn’t Your Selfie-accustomed software-edited caked-up face on Social media but the products of your mind and hands. For these works of diligence and toil under the sun is rewarded by He that is Eternal, and He always makes it a blessing to your life first, to your family and then the people around you.

Take charge of your life today my Dear, don’t let it drift by… leave a mark and don’t just exist.
I hope this challenges you to get up and get productive because productive, virtuous and diligent women hold Nations together.

~Dr. Quill~

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  • Reply DeeAmi June 18, 2016 at 9:33 pm

    Thanks, Dr. Quill. I genuinely do love your approach and angle. Woman, you heard!! You don’t go sit some place idle, feeling fancy without content, and expect the best out of life.
    Wake up…, Find vision…, Get to work!

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