~To the Lazy Man~

An ally of mine said to me, I momentarily thought of the guy who’d hook up with you, and I thought to myself, ”if this guy should exhibit so much as one moment of laziness, he is in trouble’’, he just can’t try it.
I then laughed and exclaimed ‘’Oh my!’’ (wondered what brought about the thought…)
He continued… you don’t go about publicizing desperation and want, and you can be self-governing. So, whose lose if he decides to be lazy?

For a second, I thought he was done (still trying to wrap my head around what got him spilling), then he concluded by saying… So, you see, he dares not try it. I can’t face even the thought of it. (All his words, no edit).

Well, well, well…, It lifts heart to know that my pal thinks highly of me.??

The above free expression by my pal got me writing instantly. Eventually I ended up here……..
To the lazy man. Please don’t make that move. I don’t need you in my lifespan, not today, not ever. I can’t perceive you (one must keep the environs light and bracing), there is nothing lightly fresh about laziness. It’s pretty heavy a load to bear.
I can’t tolerate or condone you.

I can’t accept or entertain you (for what is accepted cannot be easily modified), so please don’t wait up.
Am I really asking too much here? Perhaps so, but that won’t stop me. I humbly ask that you please move far away from me, so very far.
My Cant’s and Wont’s will not back down or be considerate until the message is passed and received.

The Lord shields me from every wicked and unreasonable man… That’s you, Mr. Lazy.

A lazy man? Oh no! ‘’ A lazy man is a terrible man’’ not acceptable. Is it even a plausible option?

Laziness is pain. I bet you know this fact already.

To the lazy man, you can’t survive around me; in marriage, business partnership, or otherwise.
Indolence is a plague, a disease, a very, very bad-news; I receive good news only. I trust you see my reasons for withholding my smile.

I stand against all shades of lazy. It’s just a total turn off. The laziness of the mind, brain, eye, all kinds, any kind or type… NO WAY!
To the lazy man, life experience opened my eyes to see the true nature of laziness. Boy, did I see it, it was so clear in a 9D vision. So I have evidence to back up my claim which states… Selfishness is the reliable nature of laziness.
Laziness is completely selfish; It does not pause to think of the overall effect on others especially those closest.

To the lazy man, just imagine how doubly hard my growing up would have been like, if mama was also lazy?! Imagine if mama didn’t step up her game? It’s possible you can’t conceive of it because you’ve chosen not to activate your thinking capability.

I hope you realize how personal this is to me. It’s not certain you would. I did endure a lot as a child, Mr. Lazy. You obviously can’t begin to imagine or hold an idea @ how much or how vivid. Now I am matured, grown enough to not accept a replay.

To the lazy man, laziness gives up before it begins. Laziness is weak and sinful.
I hope you do understand how unacceptable your proposal is?

I laugh in French, if you cogitate, I’ll give a yes response. Proceed ahead, pray about it. I would advise you channel that prayer properly. For starters, pray laziness out of your spirit. But if you refuse to read and listen to this letter, and you table my case before Him; I can assure you of one answer still… No. And here is why, The ONE you are about to pray to, and The ONE in whose Name you pray, both aren’t lazy.

Creation itself speaks of it. The sky, moon, sun, stars, oceans, trees, mountains, proclaims HIS wonders daily. Oh, don’t forget the ones that breathe (that’s you and me, plus the others). HIS works cannot be denied they all testify to the fact that HE isn’t Lazy.
I am about to drop this pen, but quickly, I need you to know that it’s ok, if that’s your choice.
My plea is simple, don’t include me. Journey alone.

I hope and pray you wake up someday. I really do implore you to see that your choice isn’t just moving to involve you in the long run, but also the society at large.

I hope you understand, that my purpose isn’t to write you off; but to make you understand that your sleeping is affecting the Earth.

To the lazy man, who sent you hither? Laziness makes no DeeAmi sense. SO GET STEPPING AND DON’T BOTHER TO LOOK BACK. *wink.

How do you view laziness? Any personal encounter with a lazy fellow? Feel free to share.

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