Joyful Happiness

D. A. Wolf wrote, “to say that our millennial happiness industry gets under my skin is an understatement. I’m a believer in happiness as much as the next guy, but it isn’t something I spend time thinking about. What I do and have spent time considering is what comprises a meaningful life. And a life that is meaningful will make me happy”.

Yes, yes and yes. A meaningful life will definitely make you happy and more.

I continue to find out at the place of consideration, that, God’s Word constantly and consistently with deliberate precision, gives my life meaning. My life is robustly meaningful because of HIS Word, period.
Hence, the reason for my constant joyful-happiness. It’s only reasonable that I spend more time with The Word.
Words can’t describe fully enough, the level of meaning and Beauty The Word of God adds to my life. It’s so fresh all the time.

Find/figure out that which gives or adds meaning to your life and embrace it wholeheartedly. We only live but once.

What have you considered lately?

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