Song For The Day: Fix My Eyes – For Kings And Country

When I first heard this song, and fell in love with it, I didn’t know that someday, I will genuinely need the words.
Oh, how I played this song repeatedly.

These were the words that almost turned my daily confession…

Hit rewind, click delete
I am standing face to face with the younger me
Mistakes and heartbreak, irrespective,
Here’s what I have chosen to do differently….

I love like I’m not scared,
I give when it’s not fair,
Live life for another,
Take time for a brother,
Fight for the weak ones,
Speak out for freedom,
And most importantly, find faith in the battle,
Stand tall, but above it all….
I will fix my eyes on You (GOD)

I know road less travelled is hard to walk,
For it takes a soldier who knows his orders to walk the walk I am supposed to walk. (I am so not a civilian), Y’all! Smiles.


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