Song For The Day – When I Lost My Heart To You – Hillsong United

There is absolutely no love like God’s love. His love, tears down walls. And it’s so torn down, mine. His love is rich in richness. In His love, my heart is safe.

I am altogether for this song, because I have lost my heart to Him. And believe me when I say, it’s my best choice yet. Not sure any other choice can top that. Have thought about it… None.

I harmonize with you Hillsong United.

Love has truly laid its breath against my chest,
My skin was very thick,
But you breathed down all my walls,
Your fire-filled love dissolved my cold ice,
And your light did tear down my door.
You have my heart forever, Lord!
Yes, you do.
Oh, hallelujah!

You traded crowns to wear my shame, (oh what a love)
Your throne for the cross that more my thorns.

Thank you so very much, Lord Jesus, for loving me, so.

You own my heart, oh Go (with my consent)
And I have this love in You.

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