Scavenging Shepherds: ”Garden where Soft Plant Grows”

Father, in Jesus’ name, please help me to fear you in my words, walk and works. Make me truly have a profound reverential honour and awe of you. May you be all I consider when I do everything. May Your Word be deeply rooted in my heart So I do not sin against you or engage in what would bring dishonour to your name. Please don’t allow me to get involved in anything that is not pleasing or acceptable to you.

PAPA, keep me away from anything that will bring me to a place called ”see you finish.” Help me not to forget, always to remember that you are my loving ABBA, the consuming fire, rich in love and patience but not in any way, my mate.

ABBA, please do not allow me to use my mouth to destroy myself and anyone else. May my lips not ensnare my soul. Make me wise. Let my words be soothing, not crushing. If there be anything my words would destroy, may it be the plan of darkness and not the souls of men.

Lord Jesus, by your Spirit, make me care. Lay care in my heart. Let my mind stay on it and make me approach this in the place of prayerful engagement of speaking truth and grace in love.
Faithful Father, do not let me keep quiet when I see these leaders walking all over your people ”who are like a garden where soft plant grows”.

Holy Spirit, amplify my voice to stand in the gap for your people so that your field (vineyard) will not be destroyed or made desolate and your portion not be trodden underfoot, or your pleasant piece made a desolate wilderness.

Lord, I obtain mercy to care! Make me full of care that my mind, soul, spirit, and body will keep interceding for your people so that these scavenging shepherds will not have a filled day but be caught in their tracks and your people liberated.


(References: Jeremiah 12:10-11, Proverbs 18:7, Psalm 97:10)

People praying photo created by jcomp – www.freepik.com

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