Dear Lord, Do Not Allow Me!

Lord Jesus, you took upon yourself my poverty and made me wealthy by giving me your abundant riches, which means I have no business with pretence — pretending to be rich or poor.
Dear Lord, don’t allow me to get myself into the web of pretence. I don’t want anyone thinking anything of me, either the thought of being rich or poor. Keep me sincere and humble with all the blessings you have blessed me with in abundance. And if there’s any way I am giving off such vibes, let your Holy Spirit keep me in check to continue in the authentic nature you Christ Jesus paid for with your precious blood for me to have and enjoy victoriously here on earth.
In the name of Jesus, I refuse to live a pretentious, showy, empty life.
I allow, embrace and accept to live a plain and simple life which is a whole life in Christ Jesus.
I consider myself poor following what you said, Lord, that “blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of God”. So, Lord Jesus, I choose that my life showcases great and indestructible riches beyond this world realm, the life you paid in full for on the cross of Calvary, a life void of pretence and pride of any kind and filled with humility and grace.

(References: Proverbs 13:7, Matthew 5:3)

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