*Straight Talk*

There are days I am unable to push cos I am completely overwhelmed.

Days too long, too intense, and full of itself.

Days I feel helplessly pegged to a wall.

Days too dry, harsh, stormy, perplexedly noisy, and unbearable. A rock-bottom kind of day, which leaves me wondering if there’s someone out there going through the same uncontrollable crippling situation.

Days circumstances sarcastically laugh unending at my creativity.

Days with a heavy heart and no strength to talk about it.

Days I miss appointments either because my whole body refuses to listen and respond to my mind due to serious health issues or no ticket to meet up.

Days I have a heavy heart with no strength to talk about it.

Days I ask, “does it have to be this hard to be legit, why must it be this hard to prove that I am doing the right thing?”

Days I expect a breakthrough, but get the worse breakdown.

Days packed full with all shades of human unpleasantness.

Days I don’t want to pray because I feel like nothing is going to happen any differently. And days I catch myself accepting that refusing to pray, won’t make God anymore or less God. So it’s on me.

Days I say, I am done, can’t take this anymore but still pull through amazingly.

Days I silently cry, asking, when will it be over.

Days all odds hand me its cruelty.

Days I remind my myself that though nothing makes sense at the moment; I am a diamond going through the process of extreme temperature. Hence, the heat with intense discomfort.

Days I look up with faint enthusiasm and a lean smile, whispering in my heart, ”Lord help me.”

Days I blame my decision to be vulnerable. 

Days my act of love and kindness suffer in the hands of those who can’t appreciate it and call me jobless and desperate.

Days, I tell myself, though there’s the famous saying, ”there will be light at the end of the tunnel”, I choose to be the light walking through this dark and lonely tunnel.

And there are days like today, I’m able to say though it didn’t end as I expected, ”it’s all going to be alright.”

Tomorrow is yet another day, and I can only hope it’s better than today. I didn’t give up today, that’s such a relief. I look forward to tomorrow cos I know after the process comes the priceless value. *Wink

Please share in the comment below your experiences cos I know am not the only one who goes through such days. Much love and light.

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