*You Can’t Crowd Me*

Time for everything underneath the sun, this is true. Know your time. In this temporary world I live in, I must, as a matter of urgency, know the time.  Don’t be about the crowd, Dee. The only One who counts is the ONE who saved and named me. Hence, external influence of forces or factors should not be allowed space. Jesus said to me, ‘Dee, for those in the world, it will always be their time – because they belong to the world- and the world holds nothing against its own –they are on the same team. So, the moment I single myself out and make known publicly whose I am (to whom I belong — Christ Jesus), then they suddenly see me as a different kind of threat, and resort to attacks.’’

They didn’t spare Jesus Christ – they won’t spare me. All I need to do is to know the time — and when I allow myself to be led by the Spirit – I will. And when I do, it won’t matter much what anyone thinks or tries to do against me. To be in tune with God’s timing is really all that matter. ‘’So, hey, YOU CAN’T CROWD ME’’. I have been singled out – leave me to my time. God’s kingdom isn’t at all about showoffs but about God and God alone.  And when it is the right time – He’ll make me function and flourish beyond my imagination – Him first – every other thing follows!

You can’t crowd me, world. You have absolutely no right to time me or dictate what my timing is or should be. I don’t live for this world, so I don’t get my schedule from it.

‘’I am Christ motivated. Not crowd motivated.’’ Hallelujah to the soon coming KING JESUS!!!

(Inspired by John 7)

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