Quote for the Day

I will sing to the Eternal, for He has won a great victory;

        He has thrown the chariot into the sea: horse and rider.

     The Eternal is my strength and my song,

        and He has come to save me;

    He is my God, and I will praise Him.

        He is the God of my father, and I will exalt Him.

     The Eternal is a warrior;

        the Eternal is His name.

     Pharaoh’s chariots and his army He has thrown into the sea.

        And his high-ranking officers are drowned in the Red Sea.

     The deep waters covered them;

        they sank to the muddy depths like a stone.

   Your right hand, Eternal One, is magnificent in power.

        Your right hand, Eternal, vanquishes the enemy.

    In Your majestic greatness You conquer those who rise against You;

        You unleash Your burning anger, and it consumes them like straw.

-Exodus 15:1-7

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