*My Lane*

HE won’t work with me, in me, on me, through me, and around me if I don’t “woman” up my spot, period.

I don’t see any other lane, other than the one I’m on.

It’s not all fun, but it’s my lane and I’ll make it fun, so help me God. Yes, it’s not pleasant here, right now, holding out these shoes. But I don’t want it anywhere else (another man’s shoes), so I choose to “woman” my lane.

I like it here, I really do. I like what the Almighty has chosen to apply to me, it’s all mine, my journey and I must work and walk the route.

I don’t see it anyplace else because it won’t be mine over there.

I am content, thereof. And my contentment will produce my content.

You see why I am not empty and can never be as grace leads me? Yeah, me too, I see it so clear. “I am content-full because I have chosen to be content.”

The only way to talk or be empty (too late) is when I decide to be on another man’s lane.

So today, right here and because my future is secured in Him, I know no emptiness cos I am minding my business occupying my post.

This is no prayer point, neither is it a wish.

This is my truth, the truth of my life, I am content.

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  • Reply Ofe January 5, 2018 at 9:00 pm

    Am content, not looking to be any where else cos even before i started he knew and has ordained me for my route and directing me to stay on track not to loose my lane for the glory that is set before me.

  • Reply DeeAmi January 6, 2018 at 5:48 pm

    Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes again. @Ofe
    Thanks for reading.

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