*It’s a New Day, a Fresh Start*

I remember how last year kicked off. It started on a nice tempo, no overly excitement. I was calm in a very strange way watching everyone as they shouted Happy New Year. During the first month, I did a couple of things I wouldn’t have considered doing in the previous years. I blew my own very mind beyond clouds. And so, I felt like, hey, nothing can stop me as I open myself up to an adventurous year. Little did I know what delights awaited me. Delights indeed. (Smiles)

Same year, I went for a three-day retreat. Want to take a guess? The afterwards situation got even tighter than before I attended. Still not certain what I drew from it, perhaps cos I haven’t experienced a tangible thing attached to it as regard results, but I know for a certainty that those three days cannot be vain. It’s gone someplace to take form and blossom when the time is right.

The year 2017, made it the third year of consistently tough and tight shots. It was such an interesting year, considering the mixes and the blends. The highs and lows. The straights and curves (so many curve balls.) A real rough year and the most draining of seasons for me, back to back, in a roll (health, finance, moving, just mention it.) But it’s also the year, God sent the strangest sort of help to me, in the shape of a mortal. Isn’t that something.

Last year, I did laugh at myself a lot behind closed doors, countless times. All I could do most of the time was laugh (that kind of laugh, which has a great blend of smile with some hidden tears rolling non – stop? Yes, that kind. I haven’t found a name for it just yet). I just simply laughed it all and when I am done, I go like “It’s all going to make sense, eventually. I am not settling.”

Looking back now, I haven’t felt as tired, my whole life as in the twelve months 2017 offered. But, every time I found myself in that place, each single time, I saw LOVE. I got strength for the day, accepting that, that love is all I need and will ever need. No manly love would’ve kept me together, no way, no way in the world. My Papa, kept me all the way.

The year, taught me so many things on all positions. It taught me “Rest” (no matter what happens or how many times I get stuck), I must work in “rest”, not work to “rest” or work for “rest”. To a greater extent than ever, it showed me that truly God loves me beyond all doubt reasonable and that there’s a reason I am still here (It’s beyond me. A purpose higher, much higher than I.)

It reaffirmed one truth which is, Only God holds my best interest at heart. No point looking up to humans, who misunderstand (and make no effort to even see) your plight, dishing out lazy conclusions… Making things worse and leaving you more pathetic than you’ll ever be by yourself. Best option as usual, I looked inward, and looked upward to the ONE who truly, really knows me and my journey even before I came into being.

I couldn’t afford the luxury of giving up.  He didn’t let go of me. He picked me up, smiled, and once more pat me on my back, loved me back to a sane reality as He warmed me up in His tender embrace. And said, child, you are not at that place just yet. Keep going and hey, I won’t abandon you now. Not here, not now, not ever.

Words will not do a remotely close justice to better narrate all I went through in the 2017, obviously.  But hey, I am however here because He sees it fit and He apparently isn’t done with me. So, I am not going to stop listening, writing, loving, helping, giving, sharing, believing, living and moving forward.

And talking about moving forward, Yay! Feeling so fly everyone, I just got ushered into the new year. Dee, smiles again, dusting herself off last year, it’s a new year, Girl, starting this fresh new day, it’s all going to be alright now, you’ll see. (And you too, yes, you) You who anticipated the best, planned and even did more work so hard than others, but achieved little or nothing, I need you to know that there’s something called sowing time. Rejoice, 2018 is your year of ample harvest.

In this new year, the year 2018, my focus is kept as I walk in God’s will, trusting His heart for me: hopefully I don’t get to stand in His way or interrupt all that He is leading me through and into.

I am so glad we made it through last year. Be thankful, be happy, dance, celebrate for it is a new beautiful season in front of us. Make good use of every minute, and be intentional. Make certain you choose joy over sadness.  Don’t forget to lift prayers high, especially the prayer of thanksgiving. Be kind and helpful. Be true to yourself and kind to others. Never get too occupied to lend a helping hand or a listening ear. Embrace love. Give love freely. Give love to all. Shun hates. You’ll get there eventually. We shall all get there: different journeys, different pace, but not to worry, once we do not settle for less or the easy way out (short cuts), our achievements will put an undeniable smile on our faces soon enough because our results will be too glaring to be ignored. Be honest. Do the work.


I welcome you to the year 2018, Now chin up and go for it.

Enjoy your day and most important your year.

A very Happy New Year to you all. *wink.

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  • Reply Sami January 1, 2018 at 12:59 pm

    2018 is our year of blessings & am really blessed with this write-up…a motivation for me…God bless the writer

  • Reply DeeAmi January 3, 2018 at 11:49 am

    Amen. God bless you real good, Sami. Have a great year. Enjoy your day.

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