*My Prayer of Gratitude*

Lord Jesus, How do I begin to thank You?
Where precisely do I start?
Who is like You great and mighty King?
Who can compare with Your faithfulness?
I’ll start with how much You love me.
Oh, the intensity of Your great love.
Your love never leaves, and it never fades.
Your love has turned my life around, 360degrees.
Your love gets me beyond what words can convey.
Your love is all I see, God.
I am deeply grateful.

How do I tangibly express the abundant blessing your grace has shown me?
The gracious love that saved me and is keeping me.
Your grace makes life easy for me, even in the worst of times.
I constantly understand Your grace coming through so strong for me.
Do I deserve it? We both already know the answer to that one. NO.
But still, You never quit reaching out.
I am eternally grateful.

I cannot leave out your mercy.
If not for your mercy, oh God, my Father, my life would be a messy heap.
Your mercy is refreshingly new every morning.
It’s by Your mercy I am forgiven much.
Great is Your mercy towards this young woman whom you so dearly loves.
I am so very grateful.

Oh, your Word, it keeps me in check as I open my Bible to know more about You and then find me in the light of your truth.
It encourages me and teaches me how to live a love life practically.
It helps me guard my heart.
Your Word strengthens me and shows me what is most important in life.
I am most grateful.

There’s a great deal to be grateful for, my Lord and King, my God and righteousness. Great is your faithfulness, and so much the more remarkable is your mercy, grace and love.

You are the only one who loves me more than I could ever love myself.
No one can ever love me like you, my sweet PAPA.
And this is why today I pay my allegiance afresh to You the great and mighty Messiah, Jesus.

Thank You for making the vision clear from the outset.
Thank You for taking great care of DAH for all these 12 months and for sending a few genuine sons of the kingdom my way to support me.
Thank You for those nights you encouraged me in the secrecy of my closet when I felt like I was in this all by myself.
Thank You for proving to me that you gave me this house to bless, encourage, inspire and lift in love.
Thank You for putting smiles on my face daily, even when I cry.
I thank You for my family, the person who is reading right now, the body of Christ, my very few intimate pals who sincerely respect the vision you’ve given to me.
You alone deserve the glory today and for always because it is you who has single-handedly sustained DAH thus far.
Thank You, my Most Holy PAPA
I thank You, Jesus!
In Jesus Name, I give thanks.

Dee Ami’s House is one today. I am so gratefully happy and joyfully thankful.

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