*Nerd Vs Geek. What’s the Question?*

10/19/2016   11:41:28 PM



Male Mortal: Errrr. Captain, I wanna ask…

Female Mortal: Ask.

MM: Am I a geek or nerd?

FM: Both. You are the perfect blend of both

MM: How are they different?

FM: I don’t care about their difference. And if you must know,  google nerd vs geek

MM: Yes, Captain. Should I be scared @being a nerd and geek?

FM: Let me know what you find

MM: Okay. 1 *Understand the origins of the geek*. In order to fully appreciate the modern geek, one must find the roots of geekdom.

Back in the early 1900s, when traveling carnivals were popular, there was a performer called the “geek.” His job was to perform bizarre and disgusting acts for the amusement of the locals. Notably, this included biting the heads off live chickens

2 <b>Compare to the geek of today.</b> Today’s geek rarely bites the heads off chickens. Instead, a geek is somebody who is generally very knowledgeable — even to the point of obsession— about a particular topic.

Being a geek gained traction when self-adopted by computer programmers and other technical people, but has since become more mainstream. There are wine geeks, car geeks, and Lord of the Rings geeks, each of which closely follows the minutiae of their chosen obsession.

To further clarify, it’s important to note that geeks are generally social. They have their fascination in what makes them unique, but you probably wouldn’t know of their geekitude unless they told you about it.

*Uncover the origins of the word “nerd.”* The word “nerd” was started on in 1954, by a young doctor by the name of Seuss, in a line that read, “A merkle, a nerd, and a seersucker too!” If you don’t wish to defile nerddom by calling someone a nerd, you can also call them a “seersucker.”[2]

The general connotation is of an irritating, unattractive person who may be brilliant, but chooses to focus on non-social pursuits.[3]

Another definition of “nerd” is a four-letter word with a six-figure income. *Compare communication skills.* Geeks and nerds may share similar outward traits — or not — but when you compare their approach to life, the differences become apparent.

Nerds love to use jargon or unfamiliar terminology in their dialogue, whereas geeks will use obscure references rarely.

For example, a nerd might say, “That’s an overused Foley. The SD must be lazy.”

The geek would say of the same thing, “Oh! I love how Percy Jackson uses the Wilhelm Scream in every movie!”

Geeks often take interest in the microcosmic details of life, such as noticing that your present situation is much like one from a news article or a novel. Nerds will be seemingly uninterested in the details of daily life, being more focused on the macroscopic, such as scientific possibilities and the future of humankind. http://www.wikihow.com/Tell-the-Difference-Between-Nerds-and-Geeks


FM: Cool.  So you see, when I said a blend of both? I may not know you in totality

MM: ??

FM: But I do know something

MM: Touche. There’s truth in what you said about me being a blend of both. Just realized

FM: I’m glad ?


10/20/2016   1:09:19AM


MM: Still awake huh

FM: Yes

MM: Okay. But, do get some sleep already.

FM: Sir, yes sir. And you?

MM: Oh, wait. One more question, if you have the time.  Not sleeping anytime soon.

FM: Ok.  And you want me to sleep

MM: ??. The Duchess has to rest.

FM: What’s the question.

MM: Except she has some reading/writing to do.

FM: Not tonight.

MM: The question? Oh. Right. Okay, my question:

Is it possible that a girl, with all of her Prince Charming fantasies would ever consider going out with a geek, nerd, or a blend of both?  I’m just curious.

FM: Why not? What prince charming is to  girl A isn’t the same for girl B.  So prince charming could be a nerd for a girl.

MM: Hmmmm. Touche

FM: Whilst a cleaner passes as prince charming to another, So if you are trying to find out what makes her prince charming tick.  Then you must dig. No other lady can help you with? that. Not even the ones she calls her ‘know all’ pals

MM: Hmmmm. Deep. **Pensive. How I wish boys knew this.  I’ve been singing what you just said, to someone. For about two days now.

FM: Hmmmm

MM: But, where/how does one start digging from?

FM: That’s left to the digger. Study your case properly. That helps.

MM: The digger needs a location to start digging for. And in the absence of study materials??

FM: The location is in the person

MM: I know @ The location is in the person

FM: The case….The girl definitely becomes the study material. So that question isn’t valid or acceptable @in the absence…

MM: In the lack of physical  availability, was what I meant.

FM: Still… It often means you didn’t look hard enough

MM: Okay, so assuming this “case” is not physically available to be studied…, In order not to give an excuse, is/are there any other way(s) to still dig and study?

FM: No. But dont take my word for it.

MM: Hmmm. Touche

FM: Find out if there are other ways, there may be, for all you know.

MM: Hmmm. Two Gs I know, who can help.

FM: Ok. More than one question already?. Have fun ?

MM: Apologies.


What do you think? Do you agree with, female mortal? Or not.  Something to add or subtract? Anything to help male mortal dig @study materials?

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