*Striking a Balance*


I am sitting here, and asking myself, what to share this time cos it’s been a while I stopped by, dropped a piece @ AR, since January first actually.  I missed your color, miss. I hope you’ve missed me as well. I do have a lot on my plate (mind) that’s why. I really am so sorry. Forgiven? I’m hoping so. Smiles

Year 2017 thus far has been all shades of ‘different’, with a whole lot unveiling itself as the days go by. My year of adventure amidst other things, if you must call it.

Truth is, at this point, after 100 words, still not certain what this piece will be all about (Smiles, welcome to my world) but, I am writing. I write because I can and because I truly desire to divvy up with you. Lol. Please mind me not.

Ok, so I mentioned having a lot of things on my plate which has taken a toll on my mind, physical strength, and so on. But then I realize I have other things that’ll suffer if I continue this way (adding more) and not try to balance things out. Striking a balance sometimes is harder than one could conceive of. So, here I am asking, self, is this really important? Why are you doing it, really? (Particularly because it’s not bringing in instant profit) how do you make sure to keep up your previous projects and the new additions you are already eyeing and working towards without making the old one suffer so much? How do you nurture your newly found ventures?  

Only one option: Take things one step at a time, my lady. Give 85percent to that which is the priority and 15 percent to the ones already breathing in their own space.

It’s not been a walkway in the ballparks, sticking to some personal daily goals, but it’s been more than helpful. Some days I outdo myself, there are days I exercise less. But there’s been a great difference at the pace, which I am so thankful for.

 Hey, my lady, daily goals are achievable and it helps keep one in tune, so that’s settled. Smiles.

I am thinking about DAH. What have you done for her differently this year? Have you neglected her? What would you like to add to her at renovation since she is a house, hence, renovation? Lol. Again, mind me not. Every house needs one from time to time, yes? And so in that respect is that possibility I take down ‘Lets Discuss Room’, until housemates and guests are ready to discuss and ‘Make It Plain.

Still thinking though.

Now, that it looks like I am settling things one day at a time, I can now breathe and give time for new ventures and new journeys.

Announcement! I am also very much and more open this year for consulting ‘therapy sessions.’ You can reach me via my emails @contact. And if therapy session sounds a bit chilling, just know you hold a listener in me. Willing to quietly listen  and say nothing when I am not required to. Deal? Smiles.

It’s a great year, no doubt, regardless of how it started. And if it started great for you, cool stuff, it can induce even more cracking. So let nothing stop you; not even you. Tell God about everything no matter how minute. Decree and declare what you desire to see happen, as you work. Speak good words because it’s needed. Don’t also ignore God’s Word this year if you desire to go far and get results. Don’t hide behind the Bible, USE IT. And please, commit to and make certain you comply through your novel ideas, ventures, and don’t neglect the former ones. #Strikeabalance.

Much love to all. Kisses. *Wink.

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  • Reply Sam April 29, 2017 at 11:53 am

    Cool stuff.. I love this part “don’t hide behind the Bible, USE IT”. However, to strike a balance, the help of the Almighty is necessarily needed plus our determined commitments.
    And now, about DAH… Her articles has been greatly shared amongst youths generally for the understanding of what happens in the world of today & recent times. My prayer for DAH is God’s continuous help for a successful house run to consistently dish out; love, faith, and positivity for soul winning to His glory.

    • Reply DeeAmi April 29, 2017 at 12:06 pm

      Awwwwwww… Thank you ? so much, Sam. Yes, we daily do need His help. And a Massive AMEN. Thanks for the prayer. I do appreciate it. Enjoy your day.

  • Reply Sam April 29, 2017 at 12:23 pm

    U re welcome @deeami

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