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This isn’t a topic I publicly discuss because of the sentimental-deep-vibe-surrounding it; sentiments made by people, of course.  But, it’s one I am so passionate about. When you meet me personally, it takes only a few moments for you to find this out about me. The only time you catch me addressing this is when I am with ‘’my finger count’’ personal peeps. In some way, this happens to be an exception, cos the one I had this chat with isn’t in that ‘finger count’ (I guess passion is taking over gradually @spreading… Lol) And also maybe that’s why I am openly sharing this now cos at the time this conversation took place via WhatsApp it was never supposed to make it to this room. It didn’t even occur to me. But here we are, over a month later, after much push for about a week plus, to share or not to share. I guess I picked the first one, to share. Smiles.

Please enjoy ‘’THE CONVO’’.



9/1/2017: 9:49pm



Mortal Female: Saw this minutes ago, “All the great things are simple, and many can be

expressed in a single word: Freedom, justice, honour, duty, mercy, hope. ~

Winston Churchill

Cool ? stuff, huh. I’ll add, Love, compassion, empathy, smile, health. Etc


Mortal Male: Hmmm smile I love.


MF: Copy that.  I wonder why some badly want to leave behind the single status.

A season that should be rocked unapologetically and effortlessly.  I just wonder.


MM: Hmmmmmm. Really???


MF: “??????”


MM: That?


MF: You have an issue with that?


MM: Lol not exactly, but didn’t expect that from you…Not as a bad thing.

I just thought you’d be on the other side.


MF: Oh, other side. What’s the other side?


MM: Marriage is a lovely thing, blab blab.  And even if you saw it as a bad thing… Still no

hard feelings. On the marriage side lol.


MF: Not everyone agrees with everyone. That’s fine. Cos we aren’t the same.

Oh, I am not anti-marriage ?. God bless with bliss anyone going that  route. But I am

Pro-single. Pre-single. Post-single. With no apologies.


MM: I’m just saying.  Lol ? @But I’m pro –single.

Marriage is a sweet experience if you chose rightly.

Imagine waking up next to your bestie every morning ☺☺☺???


MF: I don’t object to that @sweetness.

He or she doesn’t have to be your bestie or only bestie.


MM: She has to be my bestie lol


MF: Why do you think… I seem like on the marriage side. Just curious ?

Whatever makes you sleep @night. @she has to be your bestie. Whatever rocks your

boat and socks.


MM: Yeah lol


MF: My stance is simple. And it is what I preach.

Being single is much a blessing as being married. Both are gifts. Both should be


And for those who do want to get married, you must be A HAPPY SINGLE FIRST TO BE



MM: Yeah, but they are phases. You have to be happy all the time


MF: For some, being single will be the only phase they know. And that should be ok and

respected and celebrated. For others, they’ll  experience both the single and then the

married stage. That should also be ok, respected, and celebrated. No crime committed.


MM: Oh ok. For me, I think it’s only natural to have a better half and multiply…

And to have a generation lol.


MF: All the best with that.


MM: Yes, ok, everyone with his or her own thoughts. And philosophies lol


MF: Marriage should be for ‘purpose’, companionship.

Some may never have children.  And that also should be acceptable



MM: Yeah its a choice. Based on your philosophies I only thought you’d be on the

marriage supporting side.


MF: Again, I am not anti-marriage.  I support reasonable marriages. People who

understand why they are going into it and what they are about as individuals and then

one body.


MM: Ok.


MF: Apostle Paul makes it pretty easy for everyone.

Jesus, my Lord didn’t give it as a commandment.

What He said was, Love the Lord your God with your heart, your everything, then love

your neighbor…..


MM: But it’s not a sin is it?


MF: Oh, No. God forbid that it’s a sin to get married.  It’s a good thing. So also being



MM: Yeah, so I’ll have that with extra sauce lol.


MF: Whatever we decide. Whichever we choose. Live well. Live to please your God. Fulfill purpose. Carry out your God-given, God-commissioned assignment. Be happy. Smile. Love.


MM: Yea ?


MF: Enjoy your sauce. Make certain it’s more creamy than spicy.


MM: Lol.



There you have it, folks. So yes, I am Pro, Pre and Post single (even when I decide to go the double becoming one route… whenever that would be —- I just laughed the weirdest laugh, just typing that now). I won’t give up screaming (subtle. Smiles) to all who come my way: Enjoy your single phase and please thankfully appreciate it. You won’t fully understand this grace, this gift until someone comes along (ask the married or the courting, hopefully those who are genuine enough will tell you the truth). You don’t have to wait until then to begin saying how you wished you were more appreciative of your single status before he or she came along. And for those who are already there, the married, please rock your present state too. ‘AIN’T NOTHING CRIMINAL ABOUT BEING MARRIED OR SINGLE. BOTH ARE GIFTS.’’ Please always remember that. *Wink.


Would love to read your take on this. Guess what, it’s ok if you DO NOT agree. We all have something to add or take away. Don’t we, now? Smiles.

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  • Reply Michael February 20, 2017 at 1:22 pm

    Being single is much a blessing as being married. Both are gifts. Both should be
    And for those who do want to get married, you must be A HAPPY SINGLE FIRST TO BE

    This hits home. Thank you very much.

  • Reply DeeAmi February 20, 2017 at 5:23 pm

    Thanks for reading, Michael. Yes both are gifts. Glad it did. And for thanking me, thank you ?.

  • Reply B.B February 22, 2017 at 11:19 pm

    I completely agree both are gifts and when we learn to treat and value each phase as such, we can bring the fullness of both to the other that is when you value the gift of marriage even as a single person, it will affect significantly the relationships you enter and the decisions you make which in turn will improve the quality of marriage you’ll have should you choose to go down that road. Thanks for sharing

  • Reply DeeAmi February 23, 2017 at 11:36 am

    True that, yes. Thank you for reading, B.B
    Enjoy your day.

  • Reply Himanshu February 25, 2017 at 8:15 am

    “Marriage”…some feel d need for marriage in their life,some just for d sake of family…following d social convention,some fear d old age…certainly it’s not out of ‘love only’ that people get married

  • Reply DeeAmi February 25, 2017 at 11:45 am

    I read you, Himanshu. It’s really sad, if you ask me.
    Such a sorry way to live @ for the sake of family, social convention, old age and many other wrong reasons. Why marry when it’s not love-grounded, Purpose oriented, and for solid Companionship? At some point, an individual must ask. Is this really a NEED? If yes, then make it personal by asking why do I need this now? It has zero to do with outside agents. Dig deep within or don’t dig at all.
    Thanks for reading.

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