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‘WE ALWAYS OUGHT TO PRAY AND NOT FAINT’, so says the Word of God.

It’s confession time with the above stated and boldly typed (Smiles). All things happen for special reasons, don’t they, now? I believe that all things happen for my good, regardless.

There have been days I couldn’t open my mouth to say a word of prayer. Not because I couldn’t but because I didn’t feel like it. In the past, after that “not wanting to pray to feel”, it ends there, as I move to something else. Only lately (Thank God for daily growth), I see that right there in the midst of not feeling like it, I could pray it all in my heart until my mouth caught up. And boom, I am praying out loud again. Oh, big thanks to my PAPA for the gift of speaking in an unknown language (tongues) always helpful. Whenever the English alphabetical combination producing words fails me, which always means there is nothing more to say, I turn to tongues until the words begin to spring up again. The One I love most is when I can’t stop praying in worship. There is no prayer point, but songs, hymns, and sweet melodies pour out deep within. It’s such a beautiful thing to experience, genuinely.

Oh, the joy of praying! Sometimes, I recognize how hard it is to cut out some minutes or even an hour to pray in our mad-paced new age, with lots of distractions; fascinating attractions, employment, chores, and family. Etc. Shall I also sing about ‘The Mind’, which never stops wanting its affair (this one right here is the One I deal with constantly. So for me, it’s not much of an external distraction, but internal), so much thinking and imagination going on. I receive grace (Smiles.) Thus, I constantly remind myself that I am of the spirit and not of the flesh. The moment I take that in, flesh gives way almost immediately.

And then, I found that even when I feel the least to pray, that’s the time I pray the most heartfelt, sincere, anyway, anyhow-flow-without-editing (That happens when I can push a tiny bit more beyond my feeling). No formula. It becomes simple, open and honest. I almost feel bare, saying it all. Yes, it doesn’t sound well put together (it may not sound articulate enough for you too when you try it), but hey, I’m not praying to ‘me’, neither are you praying to ‘you’, but to our Heavenly all-knowing PAPA, who is ever and always ready to listen and answer.

The One I pray to and the One in whose name I pray makes all the difference, not my style of prayer and most definitely has nothing to do with my grammatical prowess. So, whether I feel like it or not, prayer is a vital part of my life, and pray, I must.

A wise servant of God once said, “have a routine, a particular time, a place, three times a day to pray. Four keys to praying; desperation, desire, discipline and delight.” He added, “when you pray, you bring God into the space, and that Holy presence creates order”. (Quick flashback. Before I took heed to the sermon, I was silently praying in my heart weeks before then to have a form of an orderly daily routine and prayer place, aside from the usual quiet time and personal Bible study time. Cos a lot kept popping up, and I felt like something was dropping, and I was not gathering up like I did desire.) And boom! The sermon. All things happen for my good, don’t they, now? You bet! Smiles.

Flash forward. After I heard those words from the servant of God, I remember saying these words, “the joy of prayer is now my portion”. That very day, I laid out my prayer times (three) for the day. (You can try it as well. Set your time; for starters, you won’t always meet up, but when you keep at it, it will get better no matter how many times you miss the timing.) Oh, how I struggled, the first week, the next day even. I remember this one time in particular (trust me, many others. Lol). I was in a taxi; I checked my watch, and there it was (I had already told myself when you get to this meeting and its time, excuse yourself to the bathroom and pour your heart), but I didn’t get to do that, thanks to traffic (I managed a quick silent tongue-speaking right in the moving car). Afterwards, the day was another battle, particularly at the very early hour @AM. Not because I was sleepy, cos I use the night time into an early break of day, a lot. There was just sudden tiredness, one I couldn’t explain (the devil is just always stupid with his craftiness all in the bid not to let us open the gates of prayers, for he knows prayer is powerful and it changes things). Silly him.

This process has done well in teaching me one thing consistently. ‘Dee, don’t always wait for only those specific times already registered’. Once it wells up in me, I don’t stop myself, and I go on ahead (nothing to lose, more to gain). I make sure I am not disturbing my neighbour. I.e. Constituting noise or causing discomfort to anyone. (Please keep that in mind). I pray beneath my breath, sometimes in my heart when I am around people. But when I finally arrive in my secluded space, I say it out loud as I free every part of me by raising the cap to my spirit’s satisfaction, enjoying the joy of praying.

Guess what? I’ve missed my early AM session in the past couple of days. Guess what again, I didn’t miss today’s AM session; I MADE IT. (This is no boast. I’m only sounding out, do not let a couple of fallbacks throw you off balance or block you from forging ahead. Every day is a new day. receive grace and follow-through).

I’ve had countless temptations to change the time, especially the AM, but I won’t. Simply because I believe in the Word of God, which says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Phil.4:13)Another says, “My grace is enough; it’s all you need. My strength comes into its own in your weakness” (2 Corin. 12:9)Come to think of it. I am up to when I set a target to get editing done, carry out an assignment, finish up a portion of a script or even read, so why can’t I be ready for my early AM session, no matter how early? I choose to start my day that early, so why not with God, my PAPA. I receive grace for my early session with my LORD. Period. The devil is such a liar and a sore loser.

Today I am still a work in progress: three times daily, progressive routine. There have been days I touch up all three; on such days, my joy knows no bounds because I’ve sorted things out when others caught some Zs. Then I sleep, to wake and work in the lead. Then when it’s the final time for the day, I thank you to HIM and flow as guided. I am not where I need to be, but I’ve left where I started and am grateful for it. I am well-placed by the help of the Holy Spirit and well on the path led by the righteous hands of Jesus my Lord. Smiles. *Wink.

PS: As you visit the prayer room, you are free to leave your prayer of worship, thanksgiving, supplication, forgiveness, request, or obedience… in the comment box below. Please don’t be shy about submitting. I’ll be here saying amen and praying along.

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  • Reply Kwe February 8, 2017 at 9:40 am

    Amazing stuff you shared!

  • Reply DeeAmi February 8, 2017 at 2:24 pm

    Thanks a lot, KWE. I am glad you read it.

  • Reply B.B February 10, 2017 at 12:38 am

    Thanks for sharing….I’m encouraged. I have been one to easily quit on myself and from my track record inconsistency has been quite consistent but I am so glad the strength of prayer does not lie in my ability but in His and He is able and more than willing to keep me stable and growing as I look to Him.

  • Reply DeeAmi February 10, 2017 at 10:57 am

    Amen, amen, and amen again, to your stability and growth, B.B. I am thus encouraged as well and thankful that this encouraged you. HIS grace is ever so sufficient and available. Soon enough, all your records of inconsistency will be completely reduced and you’ll begin to experience consistent-consistency in an eye opening consistent measure that would blow your mind beyond words. God bless your journey.
    Thank you for thanking me (smiles), and for reading.

  • Reply B.B June 5, 2017 at 7:42 am

    Oh I read this article months ago and was deeply encouraged and so blessed. Even today it is still a huge blessing. Dee, I thank ABBA for you and you for sharing.

    • Reply DeeAmi June 5, 2017 at 10:39 pm

      Awwwwwwwwww. God bless your heart ♥, Blessing. I am encouraged and greatly humbled. I thank PAPA as well for making me a Sharer and for blessing others through my sharing.

      Thanks for visiting, and reading. Thanks for putting a smile ? om my face, this day.

  • Reply OFE February 16, 2019 at 1:46 pm

    Am wondering how come i didn’t stumble upon this much earlier, I guess seeing it now it’s all that matters. Reading it just encourages me to do my part of the job @praying where ever and whenever and while he leads and strengthens me on, because the devil doesn’t want to see us achieve this, that’s why he brings a lot of distractions, anxiety and cares of this life our way. But thank God even in the mist of these all , he put in us the desires when our mouth can’t utter the words our spirit prays……….

    • Reply DeeAmi February 16, 2019 at 7:23 pm

      Smiles. I guess today is the perfect day for you to have come across this, that’s why. Oh, he doesn’t. Your comment has encouraged me greatly today cos I have been in a particular state where I just keep asking the Holy Spirit for help cos I feel choked. My resolve is strengthened!

      Thanks a lot, Ofe. And, Oh, yes, all thanks to GOD for the Holy Ghost, who just won’t leave us to ourselves; He keeps along side us, praying within us cos truthfully, we know not how to pray or what to pray most times. And a big thanks to GOD, for the Bible, that also helps me pray accurately in accordance to GOD’s heart.


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