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Song for the Day: Curvine – Invade Earth ft Kim Walker-Smith

Please enjoy!

Man its so depressing, when the button is pressed and
The television’s awakened, to shape the forth perception
and everything is cool, when really its not
Just turn on the news, when do we stop?
This world is full of drama are we the ones to fall or should we blame Obama, naah this thing is logic
since that day in the garden, weve we’ve forsaken His love
now we have major problems, cops removed from the schools

broken homes and abuse, divorce rates that is staggering parents having no clue,
Our crack pack full of truth,
human trafficking children packaged like cattle counsel this battle
look what we did to the Jews look what we did to the clerks
And I ain’t playing the cards I’m simply stating the facts
There’s no father so the young daughters have no wonder
Show them love so their hearts fall for the whoremongers
Then this world hunger the world so out of order
Our hands drenched in the blood of 50 million aborted
LORD we’re sick and we know it, won’t you heal and restore us for the sake of your daughters know that

You are holy God, we turn our hearts to you
God of redemption, we will have breakthrough
Capture a generation with love that will not be denied
let Your glory cover us as heaven and earth collide

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