*What. Is. CHRISTMAS. To. You?*


(Lights on…)


Soul 1: Christmas!!!

Christmas, makes no real sense without the Celebrant.

Christmas!!! Isn’t He the reason we are all gathered here this lovely day?

Christmas!!! Yes, Christ – mass that’s what it’s called.

Christmas!!! The purest celebration of LOVE. That’s what I call it.

Christmas!!! A day to reflect…

What’s Christmas to you?


Soul 2: I don’t get?


Soul 1: what is Christmas to you?


Soul 3: The visual evidence of love John 3:16…. That’s Christmas to me.


Soul 4: what does Christmas mean to me….? Loving….. Giving…. Resting.


Soul 2: To me? Hmmmmmmmm


Soul 1: Yes, to you.


Soul 2: In the most ideal (to me) of terms, Christmas or CHRIST-MASS should be a time when the

Whole world cannot shut its ears from News of Christ’s birth…

Another way to evangelize simultaneously, the world over.


Soul 1: it’s all about Christ Jesus, huh.


Soul 2: No one else. The people of the world slyly shifted purpose of the season to just being a holiday.

To me, it’s like a business opportunity. Usually the world does not want to hear about Jesus… but

this one time.

Soul 1: business opportunity, huh? That sounds legit.


Soul 3: Like every other day to be honest, except this day, I don’t work and most people

I know don’t work so most likely be on the phone, most part of the day…

So it’s busy phone day…That’s it.

Soul 2: This is just one individual out of many who know the season, but not the reason for the season.

Oh, painfully so, Purpose has slyly been shifted. Some, look forward to Christmas, just to rest, and

reflect on the years dealings. Which isn’t bad, if you ask me… I know you won’t. But In the midst

of the rest, we can help them also reflect on the life of Christ, which is most important.


Soul 1: so it’s not about Christ Jesus?


Soul 3: Maybe it is. I am aware Jesus wasn’t born on Christmas day.


Soul 2: I respect your view based on data. It’s correct. Jesus was neither born on December

25th…., Nor was He born in December. He was born sometime around October.

Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity, he then made the commemoration of Christ’s birth

coincide with a pagan festival that occurred in December, which was usually accompanied with a

holiday. So as to shift the people’s focus from paganism to Christianity. He had in mind that we

celebrate the Person of Christ. It’s the computer age we are in… I’ll advise you check online for exact

story. This might possibly be the reason some know the season, and not the reason.


Soul 1: Now, I must pause and be grateful, because it’s Christmas.

I joyfully celebrate my Saviour, CHRIST JESUS, The One who makes all things possible.



What is the meaning of Christmas to you? As you quietly search for your answer…

Any solution you come up with, remember to be grateful for the REASON not just the time of year.


(Lights off…)





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