*Is It Possible?*

Is it possible to pause, then, think thoroughly about the outcome of what you are about to do; how much it would affect you and especially the very few people in your life whom you are sure won’t leave when the result is declared?

Is it possible to admit to yourself (once you’ve accepted you are not an island) that whatever decision you make today totals up to show face tomorrow? And the possibility of it involving others is way more than anticipated, either good or bad?

Is it possible not to be too selfish even when we possess the rights to consider ourselves first? Simply to avoid costly payment, one you can’t afford.

Is it possible to respect those few persons enough to say ‘no’? or ‘let me think about it, instead of ascertaining a yes in words or deeds; that then boomerangs, and you are too confused to manage it all. Then you instantly remember to call the same people whom you never considered in the first place.

Is it possible to reason that someone may eventually have to pay for that one outrageous, selfish act of yours?

Is it possible to think about brother-man before you soil the name of your people, your country, and your kingdom?

Is it possible to see into the future and stop that criminal act today, which has the potential of progressing to the lives of the children yet unborn, which could cause an unbearable discomfort when they finally arrive?

Is it possible to think twice before you make the lives of others difficult, just because it’s the easiest way out for you right now?

Is it possible before you manage anything or pull in any decision to think about somebody besides yourself?

Is it possible…?

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