*Beyond Surprise*

HMMMMMM. Ok. Where exactly do I begin? It’s amazing how adventurous our lives become on a daily, when we simply submit to the Maker of all adventure. He just won’t stop blowing my mind, no, my world. I am awed at your ways, God. It is so true, undeniably accurate, that, the way I think and work is most certainly not the way you think and work. More truthfully PAPA, your work surpasses mine and your thinking… way beyond me.


Alright. A few days ago, I was sort of lost in thoughts, as I journeyed once again into my future “it’s something I do every day, nearly every hour.” I was perhaps in my bath or bedroom, when the country Kenya came to me. And then, as apace as it arrived, I chucked out the idea. I couldn’t possibly put together what would take me to Kenya, who would invite me. I dropped it, partly because of my new phase which is simply this, ‘don’t over think/plan it. Give it to the Maker’.  And so it went away, which brought about the complete wipe off.


Flash forward… two days later, I woke up to a beautiful Wednesday morning and told self, you will attend Bible studies today “it was going to be my first Bible study meeting at this worship center” close to the new location I found myself. At some point, I contemplated if I should or shouldn’t go. But then I went ahead to pick my outfit early say about 1pm, and the meeting was for 6pm “which was after I double checked on the net so I don’t get to the gate to realize it was the wrong day or time. It happened to me before. Smiles.”

Past 5pm, I got into the dress. Marked off the watch again, and it was 5; 32pm thereabout. So I said to self, let’s wait for a few more minutes cos it’s a two minutes’ walk from my location. Once it was 5; 48pm, I got a strong nudge to get stepping, so I did.


Not certain, how I can successfully describe the building, so bear with me. It’s rather a massive building, you know the kind that holds more than a hundred chambers and thousands of exit and entrance? And to make matters a bit more difficult, I haven’t mastered the construction. I stated earlier, it was my first time attending the Bible study meeting, so I wasn’t sure what chamber (auditorium) to be used. As I walked into the building, I was determined to ask for directions, so I don’t roam about. And then, I saw a young man walking towards me, so I started towards him. There I was about to open my mouth to ask, suddenly, a natural light shun from nowhere on this very beautiful, not-your-everyday-kind-of woman, and my eyes joyfully lit up, which led to my quick pause and bend to her. And before I could mention the first letter of my name, I was all smiles and asking. And then, she opened her gorgeously structured mouth and said, it’s my first time too. We both laughed, and I said, let’s find out then. We finally found the entrance to the trail. And this pleasant lady opened the doorway and held on to it until I walked through before she acted. Lamentably, we didn’t stick to sit together, thanks to the lady usher.


At first, I didn’t have it in mind to chat her up after the meeting, but during the meeting I saw her seated in front, on another roll. Then I got my eyes off and concentrated on the scriptures and the preacher. There was just something about her, this strong connect I couldn’t shake off. At the close of the meeting, after the benediction, I opened my eyes and there she was, quietly speaking to God, and I on the other hand, was on my feet jotting down words. So I sat down and waited for her to round up. The minute she was done, I got to her, wrapped my hands round her, and asked for her name or I sounded out my first (I don’t remember)… And that was it. We walked out together, and as we talked along I realized she was visiting the country for the first time, as a speaker/advocate. She was on an awareness mission to address mental health issues. And that instantly caught my attention, because its my line of work by practice. And that was the genesis of the other many things we discovered we have in common. She barely continued on saying, oh my, you are my twin. That talk lasted for an hour plus, and it felt like the night shouldn’t end; best part, the feeling was mutual. Only she had other matters to attend to and some packing to do, because the next day was her utmost and then she heads back to… DRUM ROLL…. Wait for it…. You ready… KENYA!!! Her homeland. Can you imagine that?


I was totally dumbfounded.  And I couldn’t stop talking about how unexpected God is. And when she narrated  the circumstance that led her to be in that building that very instant, I recognized it was God telling me something. ‘’When I (God), drop something in your heart, or show you a clip, picture, leave it to me. It’s not for you to figure out or prove so hard to make it come about. DON’T!!!

You didn’t have to literally purchase a ticket and fly off to Kenya, for me to bring Kenya to you, did you? NO.  I am God. And I just brought Kenya to you with no cost or stress. The people make a country, yes?’’ Just imagine. I met Kenya that breezy night. And right there where I sat, I remembered two days before. Today, I have a Kenyan sister. A beautiful relationship has just begun and I am handing over the sail of the ship to the ONE who made it happen in the first place, GOD.


God gallantly shows me all the time; who the extraordinary strategist, the intent-full, navigating Captain is.  I still play back that Wednesday over and over in my head, Y’all.  Not certain I did the composition of my experience any justice. No, I didn’t. But I’m happy though that I could manage to table these words in a few paragraphs. I simply hope that you catch the message my heart is trying pass across.

Keep it open, your heart. Do not shun the possibility of it happening simply because you do not see the how. God keeps blowing mine. Smiles. Allow Him blow yours.

I believe strongly this newly found relationship is for good works, a beautiful cause.

This is for you, Sitawa Wafala. *Wink.



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  • Reply B.B November 16, 2016 at 7:44 pm

    Awwwwww….this is amazing . I love how God leads and your relationship with Him continues to be an eye opener for me. Thanks for sharing. More grace

    • Reply DeeAmi November 29, 2016 at 6:28 pm

      Truly amazing, B.B. I am completely baffled. Truth be told, I’ve just begun afresh that phase of ‘’total submission’’ to His leading. So I say to Him anew, ‘’I know this is a new walk, a higher walk. Just hold me by the hand and lead. I am done… leading and simply carrying you along. I drop every unwillingness. I am saying, ‘’all I thought and think I know, I have come to drop at your feet. I am saying, ‘’you’re… NOW my identity, not by years of declaration but practical reality. You’re my husband. I am done… being a proud bride, consciously or unconsciously.’’ Humility is sexy, obedience, oh, how sexy, listening and yielding, most sexy. So, it’s time to be SEXY for The ONE who is so in love with me, Jesus. Thank you for thanking me. And a big thanks for going through this piece. AMEN.

  • Reply Shabach October 7, 2017 at 10:07 am

    Proverbs 16:9
    “A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the Lord directeth his steps.” KJV

    “A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps.” NKJV

    “A man’s mind plans his way [as he journeys through life],
    But the Lord directs his steps and establishes them.” Amplified Bible

    Profound. He gives us our sincere hearts desire but in His time, in His way on his terms.

    • Reply DeeAmi October 7, 2017 at 10:46 am

      Yes, HE does. It’s really beautiful how God works. HE is the surprise Master (always pleasant)


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