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СS: Please let me know when you are up for a chat.


AMI: I am here now.


CS: Okay. Yesterday, Tee and I were talking about how it’s possible that someone would’ve been born into a non-Christian family. And how such family may be thinking that their own faith is the true faith. In the early hours of this morning, I was going through my late brother’s Facebook page. When I woke up, I saw on BBM, my course mates were changing profile pictures. One of my course mate’s sister just passed, yesterday, at the beach.

Yesterday, I began to reason that, if an unbeliever should approach me and question my belief in Jesus Christ, in a most precise manner such that I have no means of escape, what would my response be? What would be my personal testimony? Why am I a Christian? Why am I still a Christian till this very moment?


AMI: Ok? Sorry about that loss.


CS: While I’m still meditating over my own response, I want to ask, what’s your own personal testimony Dee. Why are you a Christian? Is it for the things God can do, or is there a higher purpose?


AMI: It stopped being about what God can do, but about who He is, a long time ago. So I am not a Christian for the things God can do, but for who He is.


CS: Hmmmmmmmmmm


I am sold-out to Christ. And I have signed out on that, pretty much a while ago because He’s done it all for me. You have no idea what salvation means to me and how much I cherish it.


CS: You have no idea what salvation means to me and how much I cherish it. How do I as an unbeliever realize what it means to you?


AMI: I am sold out to God because faithfulness (He’s proved it) is His very character. Because He is God and ever good, irrespective of how I feel, period. He is my life. I don’t go about putting cards on my forehead, saying sold out to Christ, but even way stronger than that, you’ll know.


CS: Okay, let me rephrase. Say I’m an unbeliever, and I ask you, “Why are you a Christian?” What would your response be?


AMI: That… you will know. All it takes is for that unbeliever to sit with me for a few minutes. I don’t hide my Jesus! I answered you already. For each unbeliever reception is different. That’s why it’s not in our place to try to twist their minds.


CS: Okay. Let’s have another instance. Say you come across an unbeliever who says, “I have everything I need, and my family is okay. What do I need your Jesus for?”


AMI: I live Christ, because of who He is and what He did. That’s the gospel, pure and simple. And I’ve accepted it. You don’t own everything you need because you throw money. Money is limited to this world. The money ends here. I have what cannot and will not end here, that which transcends humanity. Can all your money get you that?
CS: Hmmmmmm.


AMI: Well, my Jesus not only secure my after life, He gives me all. What money can afford and that which money has no idea of.

You can’t compare an okay or wealthily rich family to what Jesus has prepared for me.

Money can’t willingly give up itself for me. My JESUS did. God’s great love.

And because of that act of sacrificial love, I am now the focus of God’s love, and God’s love gift to Jesus. What amount of money can give me that? All that is deposited at the World Bank isn’t even enough for this exchange.

That is why, as a believer it must be personal to you @what Jesus did and who He is.

Can money give you an identity and purpose? Massive NO.

For only in JESUS do I know who I am, and, why I am here — that’s identity and purpose, right there.

I’ll take Jesus over your money and relatively ok family; anytime, any day.

This is where I stand, and why I am a believer.


CS: WOW. What about an unbeliever who believes his own faith is the true faith?


AMI: That’s for him to defend.

The only true faith, I know is the faith of the Son of God.

Thank God, He puts a vacuum in the hearts of all the created (humans).

Everyone has that God factor inside them, even before Jesus came on the scene.  And for those who were flexible enough to discern the Voice of Truth, followed Christ. The ones who were bent on saying he can’t come now thinking he can show us something better (we know God too, through the eyes of the prophets of old), ignored Him and even laughed at Him.

Did their ignorance and laughter change the true statement that HE is the TRUTH? NO.

So, dear unbeliever, for your own sake, allow yourself activate the rethink button.

You asked me why I believe, I have shared with you.

Defend your own stand.

I only pray that you will experience the miracle of God’s love and the miracle of salvation.

It’s a miraculous gift.


CS: Hmmmmmmmm


AMI: Did you bring up the unbeliever/believer conversation because of WCR? Or it did happen, and you are still finding a response to the question yourself?


CS: It just happened.





Today, the 3rd of November 2016, five months after the above chat.  I am hopeful still, that, I get to hear or read about his stance, someday soon. Smiles. *Winks.


You can join in by leaving your comments below. What’s your stance? As we all wait for CS’………..


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