Worship is my experience. A worshipper, is who I am. I believe, I was born to pleasure Him in adoration. Worship is Love-Heart.


‘’I worship, because it’s gives genuine-exciting-meaning, one that is deeply connected to my very core and quality.’’ Sense and direction is given to me when I worship.


The act of praises can be performed by pretty much everyone. By observation, earthly kings have praisers: to sooth or chant some triggers into them. Wives sometimes, praise their husbands for attention, request, and their sisters. Children praise their parents before a request or to escape punishment. But, I haven’t seen (at least not yet) these categories of people worship the above mentioned targets. Easily, it’s fairly obvious, isn’t it, that praise is mostly an action of the lips, while worship is of the heart.


 ‘’And in my own space; only God deserves to be worshipped.’


It’s okay to go to the sanctuary, embrace and endure the loud sound, as the praise leader jams some upbeat songs (most times I just cry for my ears and the aftermath of a banging head. Smile). Then the  brother holding the microphone asks that we jump, dance, shout, and praise alongside. When I am present, I always yearn for the worship session (The call to worship or the aftermath of the praise session). I find myself loving each minute as I shut my eyes against the world. As I watch all this happen and participate (sometimes), I can’t but stop to remember who I am. And in calling up who I am, right there, I connect beyond all the actions taking place and I find my vibe; which affords me a sense of belonging — nothing as personally private as that, ever. Powerful in that moment, I need no paced tune or external trigger to assume my place as a worshipper. I am a worshipper. Taking position, I can say definitely, worship is a lot harder than praise. And not only is it harder, but deeper as well.


There are days my lips feel heavy to praise: Those Days that come with numerous questions and challenges staring in my face, my love-heart falls not for such. No matter how much they stare, my heart still finds the inner strength to be grateful because, it’s all love, in honor of the great Supreme. Love with a deep understanding. “ This love understands that I can’t give up on Love (God).”

Those days when it feels as if all that could go wrong had gone wrong, it is the worshipper in me that stands to say, “ Thank you Lord. For it is your will for those in Christ Jesus to give thanks, regardless”.

It is the worshipper in me, that says, God, I believe your word concerning my health, and I know this intense  pain in my spine (one I can’t coherently explain or describe to a doctor), this migraine, won’t use up my life or render me useless; those days I can’t praise.

It is the worshipper in me that sows a seed; even when my bank account goes extremely red, because whether He supply or not, He is God.

It is the worshipper in me that sings, I love you my PAPA;  when I am weak and tired.

The worshipper in me says, I don’t deserve you being my Father, the lover of my soul, and my Savior, God, but I am grateful. And if you decide not to do anymore for me, I am thankful for that which you’ve already done, and for who you are.

The worshipper in me smiles even in tears, and says, God is good all the time.


”I believe love-heart accepts who God is, what He says, and all He’s done, and that’s more than enough, for a worshipper, whilst with a praiser, incentives are needed” (my opinion).

With worship, it’s not about mere words, but all about a deep connect that helps me  reflect beyond the surface. Worship understands, not at all is it about me (worship gets it). And worship never waits for external trips to be faithfully available. It takes a heart of worship to give thanks and praise.

“I praise because I am a worshipper, I don’t worship because I am a praiser.”

Worship is my daily life twenty-four hours, polish up the clock. My going out and coming, my sleeping and waking up, my writing, my praying, me smiling, once it’s glorifying God in honor and reverence. God is spirit. They that worship him must do so in spirit and in truth. Worship is forgetting self in humility, love, and honor, in acknowledging the one who did it all.

I am a worshipper. In worship, I completely forget self and the outside world. That’s hard sometimes, it truly is difficult. . . . Because, the self often times, just wants to carry out other assignments, given to it by unending, unrelenting distracting factors. Other times, the self needs tangible evidence (Miracles, testimonies, healings etc.), to be able to acknowledge in praise. But worship waits not for evidence, worship simply does know; I am born for this. Nothing gets deeper than that.


Love-Heart is my calling. I was born for this. A worshipper is who I am. I can’t stop. I won’t stop. This is the life right here, until I am old and grey and go be with My Lord, every day is love-heart treat. And here is the beautiful part, love-heart will not end here; I will continue when I finally meet with my God, face to face. Oh, what a joyous day that will be.

I am a worshipper, that’s who I am. *Wink.


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