29 June 2016 | 10:34am


Ari: … Let’s begin with your interest.

San: Hmm
I have been looking @volunteering opportunities all over the globe
There are a good number of them now.
I really would like to travel this August.
A trip that would open up my mind to what I need to do as regards the next phase of my life

Ari: That is so perfect.
Fantastic idea.
Volunteering trips open you to a new world.
High level networking.
I registered with a group already.
But I haven’t gone on any trip.
They are called global something. Let me check if I can see a mail I received from them.

San: Global solutions?

Ari: Yes. I receive emails reminding me of upcoming projects.
But I have been pushing aside.
As God permits, soon I’ll take up one trip.
But for you, It’s easier to travel and navigate from your current location.

San: Yes. Just funds I’m believing for.
Hey love.
So I got this question @ cell
And I would like to hear your take on it

Ari: Shoot.
I slept for a bit
I ingested a pill for my nose.

San: I hope you feel better.
It’s about a doctor and abortion

Ari: Grace is sufficient.
So what’s the question?

San: Does he commit a sin if he in a country where it is legalized and with the consent of the woman — Does he commit a sin if he carries out an abortion?

Ari: As a Christian, it is a huge sin. Thou shall not kill!!! Period.
The best thing to do is refer or tell her to find someone else.
Shouldn’t faith come first, before profession? If it’s her wish, tell her this.
“Simply because you have the right, doesn’t make what you are about to do right.” And your conviction as the doctor should come first. Except Ofcourse the pregnancy is a huge threat to her life.
Even at that, there are a few doctors who believe in miracles.
My answer is…. Let her know your stand (doctor Sir/Ma). Even if the country says it’s ok, that’s worldly constitution and we (believers) should always remember we are not of this world. We only live here for a while.
There is God to answer to.
We should be here singing the anthem of heaven.
Will Christ endorse an abortion? I dare to say No.
So “No” it is.

San: Thanks so much, love.

Ari: Always welcome, sweets

San: How’s your spine responding?
And I mean responding to God’s Word.

Ari: Keep me in your prayers, please.
The blood speaks for me.

San: Sure. The blood speaks.

Ari: Yes, yes and yes.

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  • Reply David September 1, 2016 at 8:30 pm

    wow powerful piece!!! And just so u knw, alot of doctors in the faith are in agreement.

    • Reply DeeAmi September 3, 2016 at 11:09 am

      Thanks for reading, David. It lifts heart to know.


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