”Beautiful Life: An Epistle of Some Truths

My life is beautiful, really beautiful.
I have chosen deliberately to live simply, no complications.
The complex is more acceptable in my lexicon. Easily, that’s because I accept complexity. Way before meeting the people I encounter today in whatever society I find myself, I learned and accepted a lot of realities early in life which is now a solid part of me and helps with daily dealings, and I am still learning.

Beneath are some of the lessons learned over the years about life, and about myself. Hopefully you can relate to it in some way.
Ok everyone, here we go! . .


I have learned and accepted:

• Patience. How to be passionately patient. So not sweet, but really helpful. The ability/willingness to suppress restlessness or annoyance when life confronts you.

• Accepting people just the way they are.

• Being comfortable in my own skin, not allowing anyone dictate to me.

• I am strange. Strange is beautiful, beautifully bold, different, and relevant. Has no respect for trend “ in-thing”. Possesses the ability to say no or yes.

• Love is strange. Faith is strange.

• No sentiments: especially when dealing with any man or woman who bear “special spice”. Don’t ask me. Lol

• To never entertain regret.

• Never take anything too personal.

• Forgive. Not because you feel like, but because it’s the right and healthy thing to do.

• Drama is part of life. Find positively useful mechanisms to keep off it as much as you can, and make sure you are not the major contributor.

• Stuff happens. “Worse things happen at sea”. Feeling bad is only a feeling for as long as you want it to survive.

• Peace is a discerning weapon.

• To live day by day without seeking attention, and expect much from men.

• Do not apologize for who you are.

• In my world, respect equates love. I love respect. I respect love.

• There is a time for everything and everyone.

• Love is sweetly tough.

• How to live and be happy without physical cash all the time.

• I express myself, wholeheartedly, making sure I pass the message of request, concern, or observation because I know, no one can say my mind, plus it saves everyone stress. Be expressive when given the chance. Do not keep things inside of you expecting that somebody pays attention enough to read what’s kept deep within.

• We only have one life to live here on earth.

• Love will not bloom in a heart filled with bitterness.

• Don’t assume. Until it’s confirmed on that point is nothing to it.

• Some people are more engaged than others. Figuratively or realistically.

• I don’t push things. For I know that when I get my groove on, nothing stops me.

• Revenge is stupid and it leads to a dead end.

• Breathe love.

• It’s ok to be a late bloomer. The longer it holds for a star to shine, the brighter it does shine when finally given a platform in the sky. There is so much space for everyone.

• It’s in your best pursuit to be genuinely happy for others.

• People are all shades of selfish.

• Never be afraid to create your own space.

• I dance my own kind of dance to my unique beat.

• Smile. Laugh. Smile and laugh again because you can.

• The sun, the rain, and the noise will forever be a constituent of life, never forget to always carry your umbrella (Whatever that is)

• Being an introvert is more productive than the eyes can see and the nose can perceive. I am mostly an introvert. Grins

• Fun is what you call or make it. It always relative.

• I can’t eat junks. I make my own weird healthy combo. Smiles

• You shun pain when you concentrate on your inner strength.

• Sometimes men speak about stuff in bits by giving only hints, because in the end they want to feel the fulfillment of fixing it themselves. To prove to self that he is still in charge.

• There’s just so much anyone can do for an individual. At the close, it left with you and that which you decide to do.

• You are the only one who knows how you feel about anything and anyone at any given time.

• Do not abuse life.

• Water is healthy magic for my body.

• Growth is personal, and the pace is set by you. It could be scary, but it’s invariably the best.

• Yes, he is a good man, but that does not make him right for you.

• Smile is a lady. I am a lady. Smiles

• You need not be all hefty to break down closed doors. What you need is the right keys.

• To trust God, especially when it makes no coherent sense.

• Purpose is the highest kind of wealth. (PREACH Dee, Preach) laughs.

• A lot comes with the human action of sharing; negatively and positively.

• I am a sharer and I am not sorry for sharing even when it bites and my information is abused or exploited.

• It’s alright to step aside and enjoy playing the supporting role.

• You do not necessarily have to wear the shoes to be empathetic or sympathetic towards the plight of another.

• Do not get to a point in life where you accept to give reasons for being once kind, selfless, giving, compassionate and caring.

• Listen. Really listen, before you mouth or make conclusions.

• Irrespective of how difficult it is, Yes should always be yes, and do same for No.

• It’s really all about choice; this life. All you do reject or accept, and consent to, it simply choice.

• Have learned to find out my lessons.

I’ll pause right here. I recognize who I am today as I carefully and excitedly look forward to who I will become.
For right now, I am content in/with my truth.
DeeAmi continues to observe, learn, and appreciate life.

My life is beautiful.*wink

I’d love to read your comments below, guys.
Feel free to share what you’ve learned about life and about yourself over the years.

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  • Reply Kwe August 8, 2016 at 8:55 pm

    …life happens to us all.Sometimes in life we get dropped by well meaning people and this makes us feel bad.But God has a way of lifting us up once again .
    Life is beautiful when you have the right perspective!

    • Reply DeeAmi August 9, 2016 at 10:30 am

      Life is truly beautiful with the right perspective. It’s more beautiful though when you accept your truth courageously.
      There is a certain beauty that comes with acceptance.
      Thanks for reading, Kwe.
      Enjoy your day today.

  • Reply B.B August 9, 2016 at 2:08 pm

    Well said. I have learnt that who I am right now and who I dream of being and work to be are different in many areas but that doesn’t mean the Me that I am right now does not deserve my attention, love, respect and admiration. A diamond being refined is no less a diamond now than it will be after refining.

    • Reply DeeAmi August 9, 2016 at 8:20 pm

      E-hugs to you B.B with much love. You are so profoundly right. The journey between where we are right now and where we desire to be should be sweet not sour, even if it doesn’t taste like we want it to right now. Appreciating our daily baby or mature steps at efforts all the way becomes a strongly-spiced-ingredient needed-in-the-dream-pot.
      Loving and respecting yourself through the process until you become the you, your dream see makes the you, you become robustly refined, solid and undeniably relevant and original when you eventually get there.


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