“Waiting: Can’t run from it”

His love is more palpable than anything. More real than; trials, difficulties, tribulations, harassments, challenges, crosses to bare. This is what really gets me going strong.

Yes, sometimes, it’s rugged but I keep my praise high and warm up my smile. For the journey onwards is not over yet.

I make Him proud when I trust entirely with no reserves. That’s telling Him, irrespective of the present situation, my state cannot define my status because I am more than certain He is making all things happen for me, in His time.

Sometimes I try to fast track planned projects, and in the thick of all that craziness, I come back to this. “You can’t run away from waiting”. It’s a procedure that must naturally run its course.

It’s altogether a great part of the hero’s journey.

“The waiting” isn’t the big bargain. My attitude in the white space of waiting is what really does matter when factor is being considered.

Waiting matures me. It helps me understand life in its pure, simple form.

I have come to admit only God cares for me and He alone has my best interest at heart.

So I said to self, self, when dealing with God, you must drop intellect. Have Him be God and you take your place as a child.

When He says wait my dear, no matter how much waiting sucks — and I attempt to get it on my own with the use of my mental power, and no matter how much waiting seems to be somehow sour and lonely; I must wait.

Listen self, you cannot be more intellectual than the one who produced your intellect.

Ego, let that sink in. Are you there yet, all settled? Good girl.
Now…, accept, embrace, and enjoy this new “waiting” ride God has brought your way.

In the end, this would be worth every minute and more, you’ll see. *wink

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  • Reply Kwe July 26, 2016 at 3:13 pm

    There is always a reward for waiting. ..God acts on behalf of those who wait for Him.

    • Reply DeeAmi July 26, 2016 at 10:10 pm

      True that, Kwe. I agree.


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