*GRACE Will Lead Me Home*

We are already there; the end of time. Final Days, People!
Some even say, the final hours of the last days. Deep, huh. Yeah.

Christ Jesus remains my Light, my Sanity and my only Example. In Him, no distractions can prevail.

I just keep on keeping on.

It’s a marketplace, Y’all. This world is nothing but a marketplace. It’s not meant to last eternally.

It definitely won’t last forever.

It really doesn’t matter how much more amusing world class architectural designs, designers come up with, in-the name-of-competitive-mind-blowing-edifice.

It’s all going to end soon.

Soon could be tonight, five years from today. Maybe in another fifty years.

One thing is certain, we must all go back home; not too far now.

Who leaves his mansion, goes to the market, then forget to return? A man who’s lost his mind. A man who got lost.

I can’t build a home in a marketplace, just to replace; that’s not where the treasure is.

Christ Jesus, my Lord, is my real treasure. And He is at home now, with The Father.

That’s where my mansion is; Heaven.
That’s my destination to the glory of God in Christ Jesus.

Grace will lead me home. *Wink

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  • Reply B.B July 21, 2016 at 9:36 am

    I really love this. I’m more persuaded that this world like you said is a marketplace that one must return from. I just hope to go back home with worthwhile use for the money(life) I was given to shop(live) with. Thanks alot

    • Reply DeeAmi July 21, 2016 at 11:01 am

      I say a big amen to that prayer @ money (life) & shop (live).
      Grace saved me, Grace keeps me daily, and I strongly believe Grace will lead me home. All Grace from start to finish. The only good ground for life; Grace in Christ Jesus! He is my saving Grace.
      Thanks for thanking me, BB.


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