After every chat, I read through again in my quiet moments just to savor it. Whilst going through this particular chat, I felt strongly and still feel that, this conversation is going to help someone out there create time, for a ‘’Me Space’’, which has the potential to introduce them to amazing personal discoveries. The world now is just all shades of hurry and running and competition that no one even knows what time it is. And to a greater extent than ever, a lot more people are getting lost by the minutes; losing themselves. Just sharing.

I hope you read on. Grins



3 July 2016, 9: 52pm

M: It’s been long I asked. How are you enjoying ‘’your living alone experience?’’

I believe you’ve settled in just fine and, it looks like what you like now @house arrangement.

TW: Yes, I like the experience. Getting to learn more about me.

M: Smiling in Spanish. Wink


M: That’s exactly WHAT IT DOES TO YOU @getting to learn….

TW: Yea. I confirmed that I really don’t like events.

M: 1? Lol

TW: Especially when prolonged

M: Smiles. You simply can’t wait to get back to your ‘’you space’’ always.

TW: Coming back to a quiet apartment is refreshing.

M: PREACH!!! Money can’t buy that vibe, atmosphere or the refreshing… oh my!

TW: You are quiet when you want to and nobody to keep wondering if you are okay,

just because  you are quiet.

M: I need that part of your life now. Lol. My MEEEEEEEEEE space.

TW: I can imagine. I hope it happens soon for you.

M: It takes grace, when you’ve lived that way for quite a while, then all changes.

Lord, transport me…. Smiles. I know it’s happening sooner than later.

TW: Yes I agree. Amen.

M: The good thing though, once you’ve lived such a life, you can’t be lost in the noise anymore in a

different environment. No matter the crowd or the situation.

TW: Yes.

M: You are ever cool, calm, and collected.

You own your space in the midst of it all and at that point, you don’t care what anybody says or thinks.

Even my mum respects my space. All she need do is look at my face.

TW: Lol @look at my face.

M: I don’t want to talk because I don’t want to talk period. And I won’t talk just to make you

feel good… So if I am not talking, change base. Go get some talk someplace else.

There’s really nothing as gratifying as discovering yourself, and calling your own

shots irrespective.

TW: Yes, that’s what I really desire.

M: I am glad you took the bull by the horn. I knew you would enjoy it and be grateful you did. Yay!!!

TW: I used to try to talk so people don’t feel bad or weird around me. Then I end up feeling weird.

M: Lol

TW: And wishing I didn’t say anything.

M: Who cares?

TW: Yea.

M: If you choose to be mute for 24/7 that’s totally your business.

TW: Until I decided, to talk only when I have something to say, and when I know I should talk period.

M: People are all shades of funny.

TW: I won’t speak just so someone doesn’t think I’m weird. Lol

M: Lol. Weird is good. I discovered that, in my ‘’me space’’, at a very tender age.

TW: Yea. Embracing my weirdness.

M: People just can’t stand weird, because it’s not common/not the norm.

And I don’t like the norm, normal or, common.

Good for me. Less people in my space. Wink

TW: Lol. I have two questions.

M: Shoot.

TW: Being a person who knows herself so well, how did you get to those stages of self-discovery? (Smiling face)

M: Hmmmmmmm.  It just happens naturally.

What you do is recognize that something speaks to you, and tries to get your attention.

It’s like travelling outta your body.

What took me deep into discovery was, and yet is…. Listening. The ability to listen and define

what you are listening to at that particular moment.

Listening is key to discovery. Cos I wasn’t looking for anything. It found me. I was caught by it

because I was available for it.  If people can just create time for themselves: what they go about

searching for will come find them. That’s it.

TW: Hmmmmmm. If people can just create time for themselves: what they go about searching for,

will come find them. This is going down in history.

M: Smiles. Should I make it tomorrow’s quote @DAH? You know, last month I was going through

my ‘’me book’’ @my wine book, and it came to me. You should start putting your quotes out

there. Lol.

TW: 1. Create time for yourself.

  1. Listen. Okay so, creating time for yourself is beyond resting from activities ‘’chilling’’ with a

book or a movie right? If I understand… it’s more like you creating those times when you sit or

lay down without activities. Just listen to your thought.

M: Yes, without activities.

TW: Yes. Please MAKE it DAH’’s quote.

M: You hear your own spirit, saying something loud and clear.

You hear your body telling you things.

Sometimes, it doesn’t yet come as thoughts. You just hear it. You just see.

You just fix puzzles (futuristic ones), way before they play out.

Someone said to me, how come you have twenty relevant ready answers/solutions for every

one question/problem.

Well, it’s in the place of discovery things are borne.

All the great ideas, and all I have written down to carry out (99.9%) came to me whilst I was alone.

I saw my radio station many years ago whilst I was alone.

Dee Ami’s House didn’t come to me in the midst of the multitude.

I didn’t accept in the midst of a crowd; I did in secret.

I consented to the truth that I am beautiful in the secret…, that now, no one tells me otherwise in the open.

I got my confidence in the secret (me space), now, no one can resist it.

I love to read my Bible more in secret (that’s when I enjoy it the most).

Even normal reading isn’t fun for me, when people are around. The list is endless, Twinny.

I accept people in secret before doing so openly. That’s when it becomes genuine.

TW: Hmm, so true. I find that I am less productive @creativity when I’m going from one activity to another.

M: It drains you and that consequently, make you too tired to listen or see.

TW: Many secrets, private victories = public victories.

M: Exactly. A lot of people are too much in a hurry for the public that they ignore the secret.

Then go out there, empty, that they don’t last.

TW: Yea.

M: find me in my secret place; better than finding me headless in public with no content.

TW: Yes, I agree.

M: Smiles.


Statistics say the greatest inventions came at the inventors alone time.

Simply share your own experience. How often do you take time out for ‘’you space?’’

Beneficial or not beneficial? I think it’s also very therapeutic. Do you agree?











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  • Reply Kwe July 10, 2016 at 10:41 pm

    Amazing post..reminds me of David in the Bible. Most of the Psalms were written down in those moment.

  • Reply Kwe July 10, 2016 at 10:51 pm

    Personally I can relate more with this post because it’s one of the reasons I love my new apartment .It provides me with that ambience to connect with myself and connect with God (meditate on God’s word ).

  • Reply DeeAmi July 10, 2016 at 11:06 pm

    I feel you, Kwe. You’ve done a skillful job of rubbing it in @your new apartment. I forgive you. Lol
    Thanks for reading.

  • Reply Michael July 11, 2016 at 1:24 pm

    Wow wow, there’s always a fickle of innovative idea in solitude.

    • Reply DeeAmi July 11, 2016 at 1:42 pm

      I check with you, Michael. Thanks for reading.


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