“I must (A Litany of Focus)”

I must keep my focus; as I compassionately share my life of love with others, God’s way.

I must concentrate, on doing the needful deliberately.

I am in this world, but not of this world. The more reason…, I must speak from a balanced angle.

I must study The Word deeply to erase confused answers/ responses.

My answers must be purely borne of wisdom. The Undiluted wisdom which can only be found in The Word.

I must express God’s love, with a certain degree of awareness.

The thing is I can’t fully convey this love without the full knowledge (light) of it. Hence the “ I must”, must be fully in gear.

I must as well remember, that I can’t live in isolation, just because it seems like everyone and everything in the world is all shades crazy.

I must understand, that it’s proceeding to get crazier.

What I must do, therefore, is constantly keep my focus on those things that matter in Christ Jesus.

I can’t afford to get things mixed up now, it’s too delicate.
So I must stay glued to my Source. Smiles. *Wink.

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