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Song For The Day: “Pulling Me Through”- Todd Dulaney


No matter what you are going through right now, I can relate. I am travelling through some phases myself and it seems like those closest to me are not even sensitive enough to understand.

I need you to know that, He (Lord Jesus) will never walk out on you.

So it’s ok if those closest to you can’t figure out a way to see your pain, discomfort or frustration. Just remember that there is He who is for ever willing to root for us, and pull us through.
Glory to Lord Jesus, My Strength.

Lord its been you
Through all i have gone through Lord it was you

It was you, Lord it was You pulling me through

when I stumbled, when I cried when it felt like I wanted to die

when my friends turned and they walked away
you were right here right here to stay

It was You It was You pulling me through

It was you, Lord it was You

He’ll never walk out on you
No never, no never

I’m a witness that He’ll never, no never

Oh ohhhhh ohhhhhh oh oh ohhhh oh ohhhhhh

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