Life’s Bitter Herbs: “Moving On In God’s Love”

Over the years, I have determined not to read things too personally, even when it gets very personal. I simply can’t afford the time.

I can’t give to hold on to pain, disappointment, hurt, betrayal, abuse of trust, and their sisters, because when they linger the results are costly; bitterness, resentment, anger, the least is endless.

Can you afford all them negativities? I would ask myself. It’s too much an unnecessary cost to pay. Then I dust myself off; telling my inner man, you are not the reason for that person’s reaction, so don’t let this get to you.
Thank God for grace, I move on pretty rapidly after having such small talk with self.

I hear people say, revenge is best served cold. For starters, I didn’t know it’s a meal. It’s difficult for me to relate to this because, I haven’t tasted it…, hot, cold, warm or even lukewarm. Lol. (Mind me not)

People will do all sorts to me (unpleasant, ugly, mean, cruel things) which most times I can’t control.

So I say to self, It’s best that I am ready always, and willing to forgive in advance.

Do you desire to be more creative, inspiring, and productive?

Let go of the hurt, like right now!
You know you owe yourself that much. It’s hard, YES, it is very tough, but very doable as well if you choose to let go.

The word of God makes me realize that I am way above the way people ill-treat, abuse, or take advantage of me. His love lifts me above the universe. And nothing, absolutely nothing can separate me from His intensively overwhelming, generous and robust kind of love. It’s deep, I tell you.
I pray that true kingdom citizens all over the Earth, come to that space where they can be at peace with the love of God for reals. And allow His love be, “JUST ENOUGH”.

Let’s think about it, yeah, God would not wake up one morning to say, “I don’t feel the same about you anymore, Dee.” His love is everlasting and He is faithful to keep it that way, because “faithfulness is His very character.” Likewise, His vision, purpose, and assignment for me wouldn’t turn to me one day to say, “I don’t love you anymore.”

Isn’t it better then, I hold on to what is sure and guaranteed? GOD’s LOVE.

God is my true and only source of love, joy, peace and happiness. He is the only One who has the unconditional factor to treat me right. So I choose to stay connected and bask in His love.

Here is my conclusion, when I allow God’s love be enough for me, and allow grace freely work within, I won’t give “taking things too personally the avenue to breathe.”

Life becomes simple, free of toxic emotions. Creating plenty of space for all kinds of positive goodness.

Real cool stuff isn’t it? *wink

I’ll like to read your comments below. Please feel free to share your thoughts.

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