“I Am Precious”

Pebble is beautiful to look at, especially when seen by the shores of the beach.
Diamond is beautiful at all times.

Pebble cost nothing,
Diamond cost a fortune.
Both stones, both created of earth.

How partial of nature you might think…

I bet pebble was glad that she didn’t have to go through pressures as did diamond.

I bet pebble was comfortable how she looked round and beautiful,
when all there was to diamond was layers and layers of dirt..

Now, i look at both and I know I want diamond.
She looks like she’s always been perfect.

She shines so bright,
Her brightness cannot be compared with pebble’s
Lack of Light.

I love diamond
She reminds me to stand strong, straight, and tall even when pressures attempt to make me bend.

I love diamond
She reminds of who I am,
A rare gem,
Not a common stone.

Thankfully, I need not wait thousands of years to shine..
More than diamond, “I am precious.”
~ Miss Joy

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