My Contemplation: Romans 4

God’s decision is to put everything together for me. And all I need do is, embrace it by faith against all odds in this present world in which I find myself today. The world is around me not in me.

Ours is a Kingdom; Word Kingdom and the supreme speaker is GOD.

Abraham understood this, he held on to God’s word, knowing well that, that’s exactly what God used to form the earth. He was fully aware God didn’t fail for one time in the formation process @creation.

In Hebrew 11 from verse 7, Noah and Abraham were mentioned, respectively because of their faith in God, encounter wise.
Noah on one hand, made it clear that it it pays greatly to do things when God instructs us to, then see reasons later. We don’t have to see reasons before we obey, that’s if we say we believe God. Noah’s response.

Father Abraham on the other hand, Drove it home by simply telling us with his response…, This simple truth; when you have faith in God, you cannot suffer loss nor be put to shame.

I Checked both stories… It was more like they decided to blindly stick with God on purpose, based on total trust in Him. That’s because they knew God’s character, to know that He doesn’t joke with words. And when He says something, He is bound by it. That right there is faith; not simply trusting God, but having a deep knowledge of His character.
Now, let’s get back to the definition of faith (message translation)
Hebrew 11:1….. The FUNDAMENTAL fact of EXISTENCE is that this trust in God, this faith, is the FIRM FOUNDATION under EVERYTHING that makes LIFE WORTH LIVING.
So glad, Father Abraham’s faith grabbed it from the outset.

I believe he asked himself, what’s the worst that could come about If I resolve to trust this God?…
What do I stand to lose?
Hebrew 11:2…. It is our handle on what we can’t see.
My take…, We can’t see it, but He does see everything, He never shuts His eyes, He’s never gone blind for one time. So why not trust the one who can see for you, convey to your sight what you couldn’t see before with your own eyes, and then makes it your reality.

Moving on, verse 2b…, the act of faith is what distinguished our ancestors, set them above the crowd. Hallelujah! Of a verity, without our faith it is impossible to please God. Here is why. Anyone who wants to approach God must believe both that He exists and that He CARES Enough to RESPOND to those who seek him. It’s a knowing we must be conscious of constantly.
God is saying just trust me enough to do it and it will be answered. Have committed faith. Father Abraham did operate in a higher realm of committed faith, and He (God), called him friend.

Lord, “My hope is intense and my faith is committed”.
Love the way the message puts it…. Romans 4 Verse 3, Abraham’s story is a God story not an Abraham story.
He trusted God to set him right instead of trying to be right on his own.

He entered into what God was doing for him and that was the turning point.
Dee say, we also MUST ENTER what God is doing for us with the full consciousness that its God ‘s story not ours.

Verse 4b says, well, that trusting-Him-to-do-it is what gets you set right with God. Sheer gift.
It’s plainly stated here, nothing else can set us right with God, but our simple believe in His Son Christ Jesus.
9b says, we all agree, don’t we, that’s it was by embracing what a God did for him that Abraham was declared fit before God?
And the bible records that this DECLARATION was made before he was marked by the covenant rite of circumcision.
From 17……. Do you think today, we are calling Abraham ” father” because he was a saint by works or self righteousness? No.
Father Abraham keyed in appropriately by faith and received the promise. It was all God from the very commencement, not him.

He made bold, to trust God to do that which only God could do.

It has never been and will never be by works or by how good we are. It’s all about trusting God completely and absolutely without reserves.

And today, we are the seeds of Abraham (the one who was once called barren).

How great God is and how beautiful our journey and end result, when we trust Him without holding back. * wink

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