No Rules.

Today’s conversation is based on yet another quotation.
Read the quote below.
CL: Good morning. You mind telling me these rules?

M: laughs
CL: I am waiting.

M: The power of your imagination.
CL: What are the rules?

M: No rules.
CL: Lol. You good though?

M: Beautifully graced. Thanks
CL: Cool.

M: I hope you get the quote though, after having your laugh.

CL: I get it. Just wishing there was actually some rules.

M: Ok
CL: And I’m sure there is.

M: Ok
CL: we just haven’t sourced them out.

M: Until then, let your imagination build the castle. Oh, this got your attention because you are an architect huh, I see.

CL: I looked at the statement thoroughly. lol….

M: I think he is saying, you can build, create anything…. Including an outta this world kinda masterpiece, once you can imagine it.

CL: Most of the things we see right now only just existed in the mind, right?

M: Exactly. That’s all the rules you need.

CL: But they became reality. Okay.

M: And thank God, we’ve been given the power to imagine. Censored by God Himself. He even said, at some point…. I (GOD) can do, more than you could ever imagine.

CL: Well most people leave it @ just imagination. So what makes them different from day dreamers?

M: day dreaming and imagination ain’t the same. Google it lol

CL: yeah, they are not.

M: I think day dreaming isn’t based on anything. It is not purposeful. CL!!!!!!!

CL: Not really. There is a thin line between them.

M: What I typed a few seconds ago is my opinion, not the general.

CL: You could start out imagining something and leaving it in the air.

M: That’s when it’s not purposeful. It’s not deliberately focused on a goal.

CL: What purpose will that fulfill.
Trust me, it’s not the power to imagine things that’s lacking; it’s the principle to see it through. So many big ideas exist but that’s all they are…. Big ideas.

M: There won’t be principles to follow something through without having something to follow through. So yes, principles are important. They are just principles and will remain principles, without having something to follow through. And one of them “somethings” is imagination.
So I get you. You get me?

CL: Yeah I do. Clear as crystal.

M: copy that.

CL: Cool

M: It lifts heart to know you go through the quotes.

There are no rules of architecture for a castle in the clouds.
~G. K. Chesterton

What’s your take?
Are you with M or CL? Do you harmonize with both views or you have a third view?

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