Will You….. (Pt.2)

Will you take a breath, and be excited about the life you’ve been presented today?

Will you confront that fear today? Yes, that very one you can’t tell no one of.

Will you strike out at least 15 minutes to study The Bible today?

Will you surrender to GOD today? ( Your heart, home, marriage, contract, project, plan, etc.)

Will you take a moment to listen today? ( To The Word, your spouse, child, mum, dad, sister, brother, boss, colleague, a counselor, course mate, friend, even to yourself)

Will you write today? (An idea, article, proposal, song, etc.)

Will you ask yourself that question today?

Will you give hope today?

Will you forget about retaliation today?

Will you be a love vessel today?

Will you be a positive influence, instead of a manipulator today?

Will you support a missionary work today?

Will you try change today?

Will you test out that new recipe today?

Will you pack that bag and go on that trip, already?

Will you hope for the best today?

Will you appreciate someone today?

Will you sing today? ( No matter the weather)

Will you praise GOD today?

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