To You…, My Beautiful Heart

When was the last time you sent a pleasant message to the person with whom you have a bond of mutual affection, one that is exclusive of sexual or family relations?

I have very few relationships, because I am team-few-intimate-fellowships; not team-many-superficial ones, for a lot of reasons. The most significant reason for me though, is being able to keep that which I have decided committing to, distractions regardless. I don’t exactly call an individual a friend because we talk or visit each other often (which almost never happens, the seeing each other part…) neither do I call you friend because it’s the next normal thing to act after a while of call exchange, meetings, and sisters. For me, it’s more serious than what the eyes see or what it’s generally termed.

I carefully pick relationships because I understand it depends on me and not on the other person, that way I can give long ropes, stay with you and love you just the way you are without expecting too much from you.

Truth is, I don’t address my personal peeps, as friends, because over the years that word has been brutally abused. But no matter how much abuse it severely suffered, the abuse cannot change its true definition. That consoles me daily.

A fellowship / relationship is beyond time, space, or geographical location. It’s beyond race, religion (denominations of Christians). Its beyond ethnic group, class, level of education, age, money, and all things material.

Fellowship to me is not how long, but, how well. Meaning a fellowship of just 6month could be deeper and more real than that of many years, I know this from experience. The defining factor is the amount of heart that is put into it @sacrifice; no matter how long or how short.
Though daily abused, the content cannot be refused. I have enjoyed a few fellowships over the years, for which I am eternally grateful.

On the 3rd of November 2015, I received a heart-warming message from my girl (I call her My Beautiful Heart). This is one message, which keeps my heart warm till date.
From one continent to another.

It reads…
“Hello Beautiful,
Wow! Oh, it’s two years. I remember talking to you the first time, and I said to myself, this is some daring act to know someone without bothering about the outcome of event… But as time went by, I just understood, ‘ is who you are’ and you ‘just love’.
I couldn’t hold back from such a person like I usually do.
I felt loved, acknowledged, and appreciated, and it just keeps getting better.
Then came events that brought memories and moments spent together, which added more sparkles to this friendship (smiles)
It’s been remarkable I must say, and beautiful too. And I know it can only get better and better……….. More exploits to do, and souls to love, if God tarries. (Kisses)

Pretty sweet isn’t it? My heart smiles as I read and type this.

A while back, I saw an episode of Boston Legal (I do like law related series, especially those ones that focus more on cases, hands on, than the lifetimes of the characters… BL does justice with each case). There was a particular scene (my favorite scene yet. I saved the episode on my laptop just because of this one scene).

Alan Shaw walks into Jerry’s office to apologize for speaking rudely to him,  previously.

Alan: Jerry, I’m sorry. I’ve been stressed out with this trial. I feel as if I haven’t seen much of you over the last year. We haven’t really spoken since the troubles with Dana.

Please Note: They work in the same firm.

Jerry: well you’ve been busy Alan, so have I with work. Work has…, Hey, that’s the beauty of being good friends, isn’t it? Relationships with long self legs, you can just stick up on the shelves(sarcasm), I tell Ya. (He looks at Alan, whose eyes were so glued on him), then asked… What?

Alan: I have never ever considered myself someone who puts work before friendships( breaths deeply), it seems I do.

(We innocently just put work before fellowships without even realizing it sometimes), And other times we do; we just feel they should understand that sometimes being carried away with work is normal; The-they-should-know-I-am-busy-syndrome).

Well, Jerry’s next response is the reason for sharing this scene with you…

Jerry: We all do Alan. “Friendships are like a little backyard gardens. We plan to tend to them, we just always seem to put it off till next week.”

Isn’t that what we’ve been doing or what we are still doing right now? Putting the plan to tend, till next week. In some cases the said next week, sadly never come, which have led to the deaths of many fellowships.

Isn’t the above deeply stated truth by Jerry, the daily typical happenings in our today fellowship-society? More than ever it is;  busy men and women pursuing many things without giving a care. But, they want to have that fellowship to fall back on for support when they need it, how selfish. I think another reason we never get to tend the gardens is because we have too many of them and we don’t know where to start from. So maybe it’s best to reduce the gardens by cleaning house, for us to be able to nurture the ones we decide to keep.
Not an order, just a suggestion.

It took me a minute to reply your message. Forgive me. Just so I let you know, I am so glad its officially happening now. So here is my full reply.

To you, My Beautiful Heart,
True relationships really cannot be hindered by distance, we are proof of this truth. We’ve been through a lot together collectively and individually, you and I. Oh, I remember that beautiful Sunday in November 2013, when you walked up to me after the service, to say hello. And I asked, if you were the same person we were asked to pray for in our last Friday prayer meeting. Your answer was, yes…, That very moment I asked for your number, and we’ve never looked back since then. We are still here my lady, waxing strong.

We knew each other only 10 months before I left. It’s been 20 months since I last saw you in person, it elevates my heart day by day that we are yet very much in each other’s life. We’ve deliberately made our commitment a daily venture no matter the weather. A day doesn’t go by without us checking up on each other for reals. You are always with me, and I with you, like we share the same room. It’s such a beautiful thing to have that “one individual” who knows everything about you and yet still feel safe like you never told anyone about your deepest secrets.

Thanks for sending that lovely message to me amongst others.

In one of your messages, you wrote, ‘’ the first time I saw you was at the cross overnight in 2012. I celebrate November as our official anniversary because I recognize and appreciate the day we officially spoke’’. I do now @recognition?

Looking forward to our 3rd anniversary, I pray we’ll be together for this one, as God permits.
Thank you for being so selfless and for being real.
Much love to you, My Beautiful Heart.
I am praying for your quick and complete recovery.
Keep smiling, keep dancing, and go on being strong?❤

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  • Reply F J February 16, 2019 at 12:54 pm

    sometimes we should just take a pause and acknowledge the people/persons with whom we share special bond, it doesn’t take anything to do that… that right there is creating memories we will live with and be happy we did. make effort to make every moment count in your fellowship.

    • Reply DeeAmi February 16, 2019 at 9:23 pm

      We really should. Thanks for reading, FJ.


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